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Wow Timo! That looks very good. The shoulders doesn't look too wide from the pictures. Have you tried wearing it with a jacket underneath?
Nope, but I'm very DIY oriented in most things I do. I do design clothes, and thought it would be great to at least have put one jacket together myself from scratch. It gives me a better appreciation for the craft and the work put into it. So far it's intensely fun, and if it keeps feeling that way I might just keep on doing it as a hobby. I'm getting instructions from a friend.
Wow, great inspiration for how I will be wearing my blue suede tassels (or at least try to)!
Since it's my tie I can explain why I love it and find it awesome (unlike many of the ties posted in the "ugly" section).As already mentioned: It's matte and the colours are relatively muted. The base colour is burgundy, which is as great a base colour as you can find in any tie. It's loud in patterns, and obviously won't be everyone's cup of tea, but all the colours are pretty compatible with a country palette (green, brown, orange etc). Would I have paired it with grey...
One of the best SF threads posted in recent years imho.
Well, I've only been here for 3 years this month (still relatively noob-ish), but some things are catching on.
After some nipping it certainly could.
Stitchy, I absolutely got what you were after and I agree with the point you're making. It wouldn't be proper WAYWRN form if it didn't spark at least one discussion that's off track though.
Hmm, I thought the 1st one I posted looked matte. I believe some of SF:s more dandified posters could pull it off. Lets agree to disagree. I'd like to see pB slaughtering Stitchy's list now. I believe my Etro tie wouldn't make his cut.
Ian and Betel: Awesome fits!Stitchy, I actually kinda liked this one from the "ugly" list (I like me some loud ties sometimes). Shouldn't be paired with worsted suits though: [[SPOILER]] And #1 and 3 in this pic are pretty passable imho (the other 2 are the Antichrist of ties though): [[SPOILER]]
New Posts  All Forums: