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Haha, yeah, it's a really Swedish thing to do.
Yeah, I just place thumbs without thinking about it. "Some detail I like?" - Well, there's a thumb for you.
I have only posted this one so far, to get some ideas as to what people want to see from this year's Pitti. I'll have to check with @LA Guy & @Synthese about who will post what content around Pitti. Since it's less than a month away now, I guess we'll get things moving pretty soon.
So you finally decided to get that Kent Wang suit?
Most people dress really well on these kind of things. Most of them are in the industry and probably want to take every chance to promote their brand, whether it's their personal brand as a blogger/style journalist/stylist/whatever, or an actual clothing brand. My friend Lasse was probably the only one who hadn't dressed up (i.e. didnt even wear an SC), but he was there as a photographer, so he gets away with it.
Went to a pre-Pitti lunch event today. More/better pictures will be posted in a Pitti thread:
Ah, this one's from Alan Paine.
Nope, these are, believe it or not, Levi's 501 (bought in San Fransisco in -99 and heavily worn since).
Wearing a lot of really worn in stuff:
I couldn't see those X-posts from the challenge. So here they are again: [[SPOILER]]
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