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I'd say very TTS. I don't own any butteros, but they're pretty similar to superga in sizing.I was worried about that to from just seeing them online, but I went to their store, and it's not even close to what it looks like in the pics.
Yup, the price is crazy good ATM. Erica's had a pair for a while, and they hold up muuuuuch better than any other canvas sneakers she's worn.
Cheers, they're from Swedish brand Claes Göran, designed by a vintage sneaker collector. They make some of my absolute favorite sneakers, and right now they have a ridiculously good sale:
Another pic of the trench coat, this time in its natural habitat: Also, tried this SC from Ring Jacket on for size:
So, I found this trench coat I had packed away and completely forgot about. The original belt was lost, so I cut off the bottom hem of the coat and made it into a new one. Unfortunately this made the coat just slightly shorter than I'd prefer, but I still think it's passable:
Sounds like a pretty sweeping generalization.
It is linen, unfortunately I can't remember the name of the shop I got it in. Somewhere in Florence, Italy though. I recently found this place online that sells what looks like awesome linen Safari jackets for a great price though:
maybe not CM compatible. I don't wear ties everyday:
Poll is up in the Friday challenge!
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