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Turtleneck weather in Stockholm:
So, I had the pleasure of meeting Ashish and his charming wife as they visited Stockholm for their trunk show the other week. Thought I should share some pictures and thoughts with you guys. As most of you are aware by now, Luxire is now moving towards real bespoke with fittings et al. Of course I wanted to try out this concept, since I've been a happy Luxire customer for years now. I met with Ashish at Hotel King's Garden. They had brought a nice selection of the...
I guess we can all agree that ISO's hair is a bit like Tibor's hats. They like it their own way and won't be swayed, so it's best we just leave it at that
He's definitely the Lennon of the Bond bunch.
My favourite Bond by far: My humble entry, from this past weekend:
Wishing you a speedy recovery Crusty.
Texture is always interesting.
You can e-mail him for appointments at robin@rp-tailor.com.
I'd say two of those guys are quite blond, but it doesn't show that well in this picture.Most of us do
Had a great day of shooting clay pigeons with a Swedish shirt company, ending with a black tie dinner: [[SPOILER]] Edit. Much better pics, courtesy of August Dellert.
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