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Trying to master the art of wearing a trench coat + newsboy cap without looking like a 40s LARP:er, or a total perv. I know, I know... I'll never succeed with the latter
Having seen the cape up close I can attest to its greatness. Too bad we can't see the velvet lining in this picture, it really is something extraordinary.
I don't think it will be published as is, they're gonna use it together with some other interviews to make deductions about the changes the suit has gone through since the birth of the lounge suit. It was quite an ambitious project and they (especially the guy) seemed genuinely passionate about classic menswear. I think the thesis will probably be publicly available, as most such texts are in Sweden.
Today I was interviewed for a Master thesis, on the history of the shape and construction of the suit, and it's changes in recent decades. This is something I've delved into quite extensively on my own. Hence I felt rather comfortable answering questions about (my perception of) change in gorge height, lapel width, shoulder expressions, etc, between th 90s and present day. Here I am with the two students, from BorĂ¥s School of Textiles, who interviewed me:
Chunky knit weather today:
Probably more fit for this thread than regular WAYWRN:
For the FC:
Not SF approved I guess. Just got another field jacket, a French M47:
I'm so in!
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