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The Caruso is a bit of a chance of course, but I'd go for that one. If it doesn't fit it's pretty easy to get the price you paid for it (if it's as cheap as you say) when selling it. I prefer it to the SS suit, but then again, it's all a matter of taste.
Why doesn't she want you to log into SF? My fiancée couldn't care less (in fact she finds it "cute"?!). I mean, it's pretty harmless - just a bunch of dudes.
Awesome first entry @Crat and awesome challenge @Holdfast! I'm in.
And I think it's strange that Shen doesn't gets more votes, his fits are always great. I guess it's because he's a newer poster.
It's an awesome and very clean fit, but I'm partial to more casual suits.
Cheers! Really looking forward to this order.
I like the colours, and you look like a guy who's probably fun to have a beer with. I agree with Henry Carter though, the bottom and top don't come together perfectly. I think that if you pressed the pants and hiked them up a bit (maybe they need some hemming?) this fit would look way better (+ I'd prefer darker shoes in this context).
Great batch! In my opinion, the summer suit is the best HF fit I've seen since I started posting here (and I've liked quite a few of his posts).
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