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Don't know. Depends on when it's from. A friend and I started making ties ourselves a couple of years ago. Then we involved a seamstress to meet the demand. It kinda died out since I didn't have the time to keep it going then (it was a hobby that started to take up a LOT of time). It was a lot of fun though.
I really like the orange tie. The other one would have looked better with just two colours IMHO. They're both very wearable though, and could be quite versatile (depending on what the rest of your wardrobe looks like).
Yeah, I think they should just let Capaldi be a more serious doctor. John Hurt's short part as the "war doctor" was also serious (though still relatable). I've just finished the first season of Marvel's Jessica Jones btw. It was really sweet seeing Tennant doing a completely different role. He's still my favourite doctor. A pretty good actor all in all.
It's kind of a classic Mod thing.
Sweet! Maybe I should pick up the tie business again. We made some sweet looking ties.
Damnit! I would have voted for both of those.
Poll is posted in the Friday challenge. Place your vote now!
Poll is posted in the Friday challenge. Place your vote now!
I had forgotten I would not be home Thursday-Friday this week, so I didn't find time/reason to wear a striped suit this week. Not that I would have stood any chance against the great submissions this week. Anyway: Poll is up!
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