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Today's outfit would have worked here. But I posted it a couple of weeks ago, so perhaps I'll try something new.
Probably perfect for Sweden though.
@RCAsia please use spoilers:
Good on you SB! That chest works better on you than Noodles. So, good on you both.
Hahaha, no. I was never in his league, and I lived in another town when I was active. I was mainly into it because of the great workout. Since I really hate any other form of workout besides going to the gym, this was a good way to sneak some cardio into my routines while doing something that's fun enough to take my mind off the fact that I was doing cardio .
Ever thought of taking up MMA? I use to do this a couple of years ago & it was among the most fun training forms I've tried so far. Never got any real injuries from it either, and I was probably somewhere around your age when I was active.I've been meaning to take it up again myself, to complement gym exercise (lifting and machines). I don't want any real gain though, so you'd probably have to keep a stricter diet (more carbs) than me.
This thread should be revived, it brought a few lulz.
Might enter.
For some reason I always pictured you as Telly from "Kids". [[SPOILER]]
I like the idea of a FFA, Clag's version that is. It's actually a good FC idea: Progress challenge: from train wreck to baller (or at least passable).
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