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Great idea for a challenge! Really looking forward to seeing what people come up with.
Don't want to spoil anything yet, but yup, pretty much this!
Been to busy having a great time this week to post. Will write more about it later (with pictures of course). Here is some of the stuff I've worn lately:
Hat was a Christmas present from my lovely spouse. Naturally @Butler is stealing all the thunder in this picture.
Well, Pitti starts tomorrow...
I bought these in 99, worn them pretty roughly over the years, but absolutely, more recent Levi's don't have the same quality.
Well, they were bought in the nineties. This wasn't that high a waist back then. It probably won't be considered too high in the near future either, once the general fashion cycle has turned once more.
Naturally I agree on the awesomeness of 501's, since I'm wearing a pair in the picture above.
Your attitude towards cotton pants is definitely sh** we gotta talk civilly about sometime in the future
Hey guys, poll is up in the Holidays Challenge. Go vote!
New Posts  All Forums: