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Hah, indeed, but reversed.
Probably in.
No, I have not joined the sprezz team. Was at a trunk show and changing spaces were sparse, so I tried out this turtleneck on top of my shirt. Ended up buying it, but in another colour:
I think Luxire make good shirts if you know your measurements, and they have some denims and chambrays.Mine are from Profuomo and Shirtonomy: [[SPOILER]]
Well, I've had the pleasure of meeting @Butler quite a few times.See that back blade of the tie hanging out? That's one of the reasons I usually tuck my tie (even better if I cover it up with a waistcoat or vest)..
I had the pleasure of meeting up with @Anden for lunch today. He's just as nice a guy as you'd expect. So, not what I was wearing, but was he was wearing today. Picture taken in Skoaktiebolaget's new store in Stockholm: More pictures will show up on my blog about well dressed Swedes further on.
The second one looks a lot like one of my jackets (actually part of a suit but gets a lot of wear as a SC), I think it's very versatile. I wear it at least once a week and it easily pair with a variety of colours and patterns. Of course, no 1 is not bad either, would look good with grey, brown, green and fawn trousers, and probably with light blue and pink shirts. I'd say get both.
This was from a Swedish brick and mortar shop, but I think Kent Wang has one.
It was actually raining quite a lot when I was taking my picture, but I folded the umbrella just for the picture. That's how dedicated I am to the Friday challenge people! Now, the question is, what's sillier? Having an umbrella when it's not raining or not using your umbrella when it's actually raining?
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