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Cheers gnatty!
Cheers, good eye! It's linen/cotton mix.
Nah, just a plain old nazi. Although he tries to write his beliefs off as some pagan bullshit. He's a self acclaimed racist, homophobe and anti-Semite though.Fuck that guy.
This. Then light grey, tan & mid brown (IMHO).
Thank you for the kind words. Personally, I like flat fronts just as much as pleated trousers. Flat fronts can look super clean in some outfits.
They definitely don't make the suit look dated. I've just looked at collections from a lot of the best suit brands in the world, and a lot of them are bringing back pleats to their trousers (and a lot of them never stopped making them).
I've seen some beautiful trousers from BnT, NSM and Corcos. They're all less expensive than Ambrosi.
Why do you want the pleats removed? It's classic, and it's also coming back in fashion (if you care about such things).
New Posts  All Forums: