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Sorry to hear about your back injury, but I liked the robo pose. It's harder to get an idea of the fit when you sit down, and one of the things I've really liked about your posts is that you have found a good sense of fit.
Yep, far too few, but give it a couple of days and he might be in the 20+ thread.
well, you can, but I wouldn't recommend it.
I'm really sorry to hear about your loss @NOBD. You have my condolences.
Spring has arrived in Stockholm. I didn't realise, so I slightly overdid the layering.
Boom! Creepiest yet?
Best pic I've seen here for a while. Very well coordinated colours/textures + great fit.Malmö?
I think this goes for everyone posting in WAYWRN. Not all are successful in their endeavour though. What I like about UC is consistency. He knows what he likes and sticks to it.
Wow! We've missed some real peacocks here for a while, but damn Shoe artist, that's some real peacocking!
The jacket is actually the reason I placed myself on the dad side of the sprezz/dad spectrum, it's Orvis.
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