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And I think it's strange that Shen doesn't gets more votes, his fits are always great. I guess it's because he's a newer poster.
It's an awesome and very clean fit, but I'm partial to more casual suits.
Cheers! Really looking forward to this order.
I like the colours, and you look like a guy who's probably fun to have a beer with. I agree with Henry Carter though, the bottom and top don't come together perfectly. I think that if you pressed the pants and hiked them up a bit (maybe they need some hemming?) this fit would look way better (+ I'd prefer darker shoes in this context).
Great batch! In my opinion, the summer suit is the best HF fit I've seen since I started posting here (and I've liked quite a few of his posts).
I made this jacket by hand a couple of months ago and drew the curve of the lapels + design of the notch. It's a rather wide and slightly concave lapel leading up to an asymmetric gorge. Any ideas/input on these features for my next project?
Aha, I got to get more active on twitter.
Perhaps @luxire can help make it clear.
I miss Vox's subjective and totally unfair digests.
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