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i wore and washed the hell out of them to get that way!
I'm selling my used Fratelli Rosetti Oxford Shoes size 10.5 Very soft leather shoe Soles are about 2 months old
I'm selling my used Paul Smith Suede Brogues. Size 9 UK - fit a size 10.5 USA Resoled at the beginning of the year Message me with questions
I'm selling my worn and washed APC New Standards. The crotch has been patched by SELF EDGE in NYC, but is again in need of repair. Waist size 33 31 inch inseam 10.5 inch thigh 7 1/4 inch leg opening I did not want to participate in the 'butler' program as i'm looking to break away from APC denim message me with questions.
Selling my used Unis size 35 trousers. 30 inch inseam. Tapered to 7inches. These do show some wear - 1 loose seam. Including shipping CONUS.
These don't stretch.
These don't stretch. Should be the same.
Selling my very lightly worn J.Crew Cashmere Sweater. Light Grey, MEDIUM. $100 including shipping anywhere in the continental USA. Message me with questions.
Cleaning out my closet! Selling my J Press Knit Cap - 100% British Wool, Made in the United Kingdom. Cap was worn very sparingly, hand washed in light soap, & air dryed. $25+ $7 shipping.
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