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For those of you Nettleton fans there is an interesting pair of black wing tips with a woven upper 12s for on
Quote: Originally Posted by ThinkDerm those blues remain awesome. Definitely
Quote: Originally Posted by distinctive I think those monks would look better with a silver buckle Agreed. They are still quite beautiful though.
Quote: Originally Posted by tone76 BB is having a 50% clearance sale: Got the email this morning. Looks like there's quite a few dress shirts, trousers etc at 50% off, but suits are almost non-existent (mainly separates). +1
Quote: Originally Posted by jet Normally I wouldn't post it but since I couldn't give two shits about margiela now thought I'd share. Agreed
Quote: Originally Posted by Pseudosyco ... there are numerous problems, ranging from the buttons note being shanked, to one sleeve being an inch longer than another (and the sleeve buttons were cut). The buttoning point was two inches too low and the jacket is about 2 inches shorter than at baste... Wow there's a lot to fix, but its always worth asking for a fix/remake. Perhaps the timeframe was the problem, and working on the piece little by...
Grow a beard for all those men out there who can't.
Clearly she is not getting the hint. Did you ever come right out with it and say you're not interested (in anything more than something casual)? If not, she can always claim she didn't know.
A better picture of the epic Pesci collar.
Clearly this collar needs to be added....
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