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Thank you for posting the link to that essay.Certainly his work has not been as widely read as it should have been.
Think Progress announces that it is Rush Limbaugh's fault that a car for the 1% cannot sell with even with a $10,000 discount. Since George Bush cannot be blaimed for it, now it has to be someone else. Limbaugh must be making them afraid. Very, very afraid. Limbaugh Attacks Help Put Chevy Volt Workers Out Of A Job It sure seems that O'Bammer could have been tipped off before making that UAw speech about the wonderful success of another "ready to die" green jobs program.
Little Munchkin.I will try to find topics that are at your third grade level.
That is a pretty good characterization of the O'Bama method.
Has anyone heard about how this will affect the Barney Frank family? Which one applies for the benefit? You do know that the Fluke woman was complaining that her lesbian friend was denied coverage and it was going to put her in financial distress? The 23 yr old law student has aged 7 years since the first reports. She is now reported to be 30 years old. If rubbers are $0.25, how many times a day would she be riding the pole to use $25.00 a month in "protection"? The...
This guy will attract all the votes of those who are from the same type. Maybe his uncle can get work as his driver? The Dems really passed up an opportunity to put up a good candidate. Secretary Chu will really be popular on the campaign trail.
What will the man choose now when he leaves office in January? Chevy Volt “Temporarily” Halts Production This was supposed to be the answer to high gas prices? Not so much, evidently. Secretary Chu needs to work harder to increase energy prices.
Good to read that, after Vaporizing the savings of all of the pension fund secured bond holders, the company is able to pay the UAW wdorkers a nice bonus. Will any of them use the bonus to get a coal fueled Obama Volt? That would be real leverage of tax subsidies and giveaways. It might not have enough range to get them to work on a cold day though.
This helps explain how $1 Trillion in stimulus money was spent with almost no effect on the economy. Joe and the Prez were as capable as their advisor Corzine in Vaporizing the money borrowed from China. You Thought Solyndra Was Bad? There's More On the Way
The best approach for the Israeli govt. would to be to make a few incendiary Twitter Tweets insulting the Prophet and with an Anonymous address. Then the Saudi Sheiks would take care of the whole Anonymous Tribe. Evading a few Jews might work for a while. Evading over a billion Muslims might be a bit harder.
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