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COLE HAAN COUNTRY Leather Boots Mens 10.5 M I have these and they are pretty nice boots. Nice leather and with some care they would be great beater boots to develop some patina. Currently $35. Cole Hann has rightly earned some damnation for shoe quality. These are a to end model.
So, you end up with a big bill on the card and a lawsuit against a flake for nondelivery. Big profit in that.
Full Kyle Bass interview on YouTube "Buying gold is just buying a put against the idiocy of the political cycle. It's That Simple"
Part of a Kyle Bass interview on the BBC. 'Only massive debt restructuring can save EU'
Amazon Free App of the Day Enjoy: Quickoffice Pro for FREE!
It really is a dangerous market to trade. There has not been anything like this for at least 75 years, and even that period cannot encompas a period that has these risk metrics. Trade from a 1/2 position. don't try to be bold. Rational economics have very little to do with what is happening in the markets. There are very few people alive who experienced the Great Depression. The Depression was very real for those who experienced it. Preservation of capital (assets)...
Pretty interesting Bloomberg interview with Jim Grant.The ECB is putting on the MF Global trade, with maybe higher leverage. The ECB is not subject to any Mark to Market requirements, until they finally are, one day, by the market. Of course, the US FRB is more leveraged than the ECB. Neither could pass the Basel banking standards that they are requireing of the private banks for financial safety.
A Sharpe ratio is a measure that is commonly presented and is supposed to possibly be some measure of risk. Generally, it is supposed to tell you if you were paid adequately for the risk you took. However, look a bit further into these types of ratios and I believe that the logic behind the Ulcer Index for risk comparison is much better. Sharpe does not really give the possiblilty of a large drawdown adequate weighting. Just because the model or plan survived it does...
The ECB is specifically prohibited from directly buying bonds of the member nations. But the Euro Zone has never followed or enforced any of the other governing rules so this one may not hold either. The game is over when the German public becomes informed of the liabilities that are being piled upon them.
Well Done.I would not return the jacket because of the fabric pattern. It is a bold handsome plaid that is great for the right occasion.
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