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First new thread for me but I'd like to hear your opinions... Thanks! D.
Still quite new around here. Please excuse the crappy pics (and also the stains on the mirror, etc. ) but I'd really like to hear your comments. (pic almost unacceptable, but so you have an idea...)
To #246 Yeah, me neither. Scarification wingtip I call them. Not a particularly great brand, but they got this model right IMO. So extremely comfortable... should've bought two pairs!
I've had these for some eight years now and have used them intensely (it shows, I know, and I like it ;-) Sorry for showing them in such a rough condition. I'm new here and if this is unacceptable just let me know!
Absolutely perfect. Such a rare find! Congratulations!
Quote: Originally Posted by acridsheep ^ Actually, I like everything but the tie. The mustard color (assuming it is represented accurately) is not particularly flattering. Thank you for your comment. I'm colorblind so I'm not sure it appears correctly in the pic. The point is that the tie is a vintage military one, made of really raw canvas"”kitbag style or rawer"”true khaki. The texture feels horrible but looks wonderful. So the color should...
This is my first post on this forum, and I've chosen what I consider a somewhat risky look to introduce myself because I'm curious to hear what you may think of it. Here I go: Please forget the jacket, it sucks (and looks even worse in the lousy old iphone pic). Everything is in the special tie. No dimple on account of its nature—FYI I spent a Brummel-esque amount of time trying to get the right knot—one that would do justice to it. Thank you for your comments! D.
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