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Size 28 and 29 Weird Guy Blanket Lined Denim @ Tobi on sale for $86, I'm a size 30 unfortunately so hopefully someone can take advantage!
yeah it has beige cotton lining and only one pocket tag side, i picked it up off yoox several years ago, and line 14the colour of the jacket isn't white white, more of a beige white, but that may be due to aging
cool thanks, ill look into that!I'm confident it isn't fake, may I ask why white leather doesn't need conditioner?
I have a white calf 05AW MMM 5-zip, I was curious as to what products/suggestions for caring for it? It had been dwelling in the closet for a little while and I began wearing it again recently
dutil opened up a shop on queen west spring of 2011
wow im excited
Nomad up to 40% all items tomorrow in store only (Friday, November 25th) I'm definitely swinging by
cote et ciel (damir doma accessoires stuff) on gilt
NWOT W+H Research Mountain Chambray Parka in L $169 I'd instakop if it were M
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