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You will be fine with the 12UK. I too wear that size and have 4 Carmina in 3 different lasts. Simpson/ runs on the narrower width and toe box through the other end of last spectrum with Robert/ Queens. Your width is slightly narrower than mine as a C, but as the Euro makers don't generally size widths as specifically as US, you have to live with the width. Remember, Sizing from a "C" to a mid width "D" in Alden and AE is only 3/16" . With Carmina, C&J, EG etc... the last...
Miho is so,so helpful You can email her at Paris@Carminashoemaker.com. Great selection, 50 or so euros more than Spain, but if there is a shoe you want, good chance they'll have it. She is a godsend
Beautifull monks. STP, best source for shoe trees and Pantharella. Oh, for the days when they had Belvest and Sutor shoes. Now Trickers, ugh
Knockout. And the last/ toe box shaping is sharp
lLobb 7000 and Eg 82, Vass F, G&G DG 70 in that order. I cheated. The number one of all is the Hiro, right Pepe?
You are correct, but I never said " timeless and classic". I follow an orthodoxy of style, which hardly makes my approach the "right" one; however, if you do follow general convention of style, not fashion, certain things are immutable laws. If you are into fashion, God bless. It really is however, a strange phenomena that jackets have gotten so short. It is the culture and engine of fashion to shake things up, and to do so on a short cycle. So, if you want to follow a...
Knew that reply was coming. Write back in a few years when you've sold yours, and explain why. " It ain't what udders b wearin now" something something
Absolutely love the shoes and your ensemble, but for the love of God, the short jacket fad is getting out of hand. Now the length goes to belt line? To each his own, but this trend I never saw and will never get. Three years from now though, the fashionistas of LVMH, Prada and all sub labels will reverse. Style always trumps fashion- and I'm not slighting you as you pull it off very well. Maybe I'm jealous, who knows
That is a good link. I've never heard of, but very interesting with some nice looking models. Thanks for sharing. Just when you think you've see them all....
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