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Great question and I don't think there is much difference. Both are wider stripes and the only difference I can see is that the beaded shows a definitive break in the line. A pindot requires you to look closely. I saw some "pin dot" and it has an unbroken linear look to the stripe. Maybe a weaving distinction with the two piece goods, but rarely see outside of STP offerings from HF (c'mon, that's where you saw it)Not a fan of beaded as it creates a fuzzy stripe.
You wear suits to show off physique? Why not a 2 button spandex? Make it metallic and the suit can double as a mirror
Everything but the burgundy tie- so reminiscent of the maroon leisure suit- double polyester with white belt and shoes.
He's got a plum museum application there which is unusual on an exotic and quite beautiful
No, they are outrageously beautiful.
Beautiful color and great last, 946 I assume?What was your date of ordering?
Yes, but no. The true test of matching, according to last generation Oxxford Co. Chicago, East European tailors (sorry, but considered the Golden Age of tailoring), the matching of stripes, plaids on top part to bottom cut of notch lapel has always been the hallmark of those in the know that it was a custom, or bespoke suit. Pocket matching or top of shoulder, means nothing. Please prove or try to disprove what I said- I hate conventional wisdom especially when I...
That Vass Norweger is a classic, especially in the cognac grain. The cognac calf dbl monk is nothing special, IMHO it has no depth to the color, and I have a pair
I apologize for the tart reply but you really do have to re examine your phrasing of question. OK- as a size 12 D, which I wore for years until the size creep put me in a 13 D, the Simpson is a non starter. Without manipulating the size (going up to increase width) the Simpson is a narrow width, as in a very narrow B/C. Alcudia and Uetam are also no go's , and you will have to settle for most every other last they offer. It really comes down to instep, and most of...
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