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The Godfather of bespoke, creator of the famed Churchillian chisel, the mentor to George Cleverley and master sensei to all English makers who followed him, Nikolaus Tuczek, invented (If not mistaken) the false lace side gusset shoe. He was making them back in the 1930-40's. Sold to Lobb in early 70's. I believe the shoe below is from circa 1935
I sense the coming star of SF 2016 runway- the Laceless. (Brusquely nudging aside yesterday's king of fashion, the poor, soon forgotten double monk).
Try getting a size 12UK. Stuck with Carmina Simpson offerings which of course means you have size up more, or Forest which takes me into clown shoe country. I've been promised that with "brick and mortar", Patrik will bring in more larger sizes. Have been passing out from holding breath
Irish poplin comes in different weaves and blends of silk/wool. Brooks Brothers, back in the day before having been bought and sold a million times over, and before entry into the fickle fashion industry (all sack suits and 100% Ivy) had a huge selection and very popular. Many were tight weave and lightweight so season was irrelevant. The popular ones today have patterns though that are seasonal. O'Connell's, the Sistene Chapel of prep wear in Buffalo has a huge selection....
Wow, thought my early April order was bad
BTW- I have used a great proxy from SF. He's patient, accommodating and truly concerned with getting it right. After my experiences with him, he may not want to be associated with me, but I will always testify to his exceptional service and follow up skill.
Yes. I didn't get any special finishing or antiquing/burnishing.
What? I'm not "that guy"- wait, maybe I am. Just realized that the shoes are good camo for cheap furniture
Just arrived in New Gold Museum. 3rd pair and heftiest, solid shoe on a HAF sole.
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