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BTW- I have used a great proxy from SF. He's patient, accommodating and truly concerned with getting it right. After my experiences with him, he may not want to be associated with me, but I will always testify to his exceptional service and follow up skill.
Yes. I didn't get any special finishing or antiquing/burnishing.
What? I'm not "that guy"- wait, maybe I am. Just realized that the shoes are good camo for cheap furniture
Just arrived in New Gold Museum. 3rd pair and heftiest, solid shoe on a HAF sole.
Great question and I don't think there is much difference. Both are wider stripes and the only difference I can see is that the beaded shows a definitive break in the line. A pindot requires you to look closely. I saw some "pin dot" and it has an unbroken linear look to the stripe. Maybe a weaving distinction with the two piece goods, but rarely see outside of STP offerings from HF (c'mon, that's where you saw it)Not a fan of beaded as it creates a fuzzy stripe.
You wear suits to show off physique? Why not a 2 button spandex? Make it metallic and the suit can double as a mirror
Everything but the burgundy tie- so reminiscent of the maroon leisure suit- double polyester with white belt and shoes.
He's got a plum museum application there which is unusual on an exotic and quite beautiful
No, they are outrageously beautiful.
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