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Yes, Rain is a true one size down from AE in ALL lasts and as in the 337, a size 7UK will work just fine. If you are told that Rain is "extra wide" as is listed on Carmina's site, that's BS. It is a standard D US width, only caveat that it has a lower instep.
Drop 1/2 if you wear a Park Ave in E width. I have owned almost every Carmina last except for Filadephia, Randa, Uetam and Alcudia and am a 13D. I drop 1 size for all save Simpson. The Rain, while touted as "wide" is merely a D width per most AE lasts. The confusion is in the instep which is lower and feels difficult and tight when entering the shoe- preempting "thats what she said". Since you wear an E, I'd drop a half size. Simpson is a B/C width from my experiences and...
No foul! thought there might actually have been a better method
Because notwithstanding the relatively recent explosion in recognition and availability, they are still a rather small operation, surprisingly small. Also, this success has hurt their boutique line in that now there are many many new dealers, mostly European, and their stocking requirements with the individual store's style and model tinkering, has re prioritized the inventory available. Boutique was always nothing more than an "outlet" afterthought by the family.
Completely agree. If anything, they represent examples of coloring differences, merely shades, from different seasons. This is of course the most artisanal of Horween's entirely artisanal process. Also, with past-present shell shortages, Horween isn't going to have luxury of offering ever too subtle models of shell sheeting. That's why the basic 8 and 6 and a few others are only ones made at present ( supplies to be enlarging very soon)
Great idea- And how was that different?, seriously, am I missing some subtle distinction?
I've ordered a dozen pair from Betty over the years and last Monday ordered two pair, qualified for free shipping and received on Friday. I've never received anything that quickly and again, as always, no duty. Simply list your state in the province box with zip. I just double checked on my account and that'll do the trick. As for bank decline, many are increasingly doing so, as was the case with my last purchase from Justin Fitzpatrick. Simply call your bank and inform...
Today all the rules are out the window, whether debating informal v formal, shoe color vis a vis fabric worn, seasonal colors etc...and for me it's too bad; having said that, rubber soled shoes that are low profile and on a welted sole are perfectly fine. Lobb and others have dramatically increased offerings of Dainite on oxfords as the only way to visibly see them are when soles are up (as in sitting down or walking). I prefer leather on dressier shoes, but today no one...
Truffle? Color descriptions getting more creative everyday- some call it cappuccino, but AE simply calls it walnut. Nice shoes
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