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Do you know the date? I may be going out this summer, and I could time it around this.
Quote: Because the girls on the AA ads (and the pictures plastered all over their stores) are hot. The one in the knee socks ad weighs as much as me. That's not that hot. The others are cute though.
Ugh, my first time getting my jeans wet. They smell like a wet dog.
Levis, Evis(u), other japanese repos- but A.P.C. did alot for their popularity.
Wear them- people wear nantucket reds all the time and they look great. It'd be nice to see someone in pants a color other than black, blue, or khaki. Sorry I don't know what to wear with them though- not too good with colors.
Quote: Also, they had a great line of jeans called Stitch, but for 300 dollars a pair I decided to pass. Here they are for around 260- maybe there's a coupon floating around that can make it alittle less painful.
Quote: Quote: Originally Posted by Charles Rogers,May 25 2005,16:06 I wish I could find a Trovata T from a few seasons ago that said, "fetch my 4 Iron". That sounds awesome. I have the "I bet you can't even sail" tee. You got that. Ahh, 48 is too steep for me to justify... Oh screw it, I'm just going to get it. -Update- Great, it's sold out at active endevors- any other spots where I can find it?
Yeah, I am going to try propecia.
I really liked his fetish inspired stuff- I hope someone else is inspired by those facets of sexuality and I can someday own a pair of jeans with kinkey-chains over the fly- like Lang made.
Quote: Didn't like Raf Simons' designs... Haha, that's good, because he's actually replacing jil sander, not Lang. It turns out that I may be mildly retarded. And blind.
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