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So what's it going to take? Shall we collate a list of people ready for chargeback complaints to Paypal in the upcoming days if no proper response is received from Drew?
I bought this a while ago from tkm225 on here but never actually got around to wearing it and eventually forgot about it in my closet. Since then I have already purchased similar jackets so this one is unfortunately rendered unnecessary; I'm just trying to recoup what I got for it! *BRAND: CREEP by Hiroshi Awai *STYLE NAME: Mid Weight Twill Toggle Jacket (from 2012 S/S Collection) *CONDITION: Brand New With Tags *SIZING - Length of back neck seam to bottom: 27.5 inch -...
I wear a 9.5D in regular Allen Edmonds dress shoes and I'm looking to purchase the Allen Edmonds Dalton Boots I was wondering if 9.5D in their boots would fit the same as their dress shoes. Does anyone have any sort of idea? Thanks
My friend who did co-op with RIM told me that a lot of the offices right now are in the process of selling off all their stuff. Needless to say, morale is quite low.
Quote: Originally Posted by blazingazn Hey did your Cherry Oil Brown darken with the Obenauf's treatment? Pretty nicely actually, i'll take pics when I finish treating the shit out of it
I picked up my pair of Nubuck plack and cherry oil brown yesterday and treated them with obenauf's already, i'm very satisfied with my boots, but I kinda wish I had the money for an oil black leather pair.
Quote: Originally Posted by altemp Anyone in Canada gotten theirs yet? I've still yet to get any information on what they're doing (waiting out the strike or using a different carrier) and my emails went unanswered. Call 'em, they're very responsive to phone calls then emails because they're not a really internet-savvy company.
Wow, these are insanely sexy. They *SHUOLD* be kopped like instantly
My god, would cop if it was a 38
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