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Exactly and aktiebolag shortens AB so the correct way to write the company name as short as possible would be SkoAB...not Skoakt or how people write it here on SF :-)(For other swedes, i know that SkoAB is not 100% grammatical correct either. But close enough :-) )
Two of the best GMTOs in a long time. Both Dover and Nevis will look so good in those make ups! I'm not a big fan of split toes but they do look good in suede and grain leather.
Haha, that could be a new thread
For me DG70 fit tighter in the toe box compare to TG73. It could be that DG70 have a punched cap toe (Canterbury) and TG73 is a wholecut (Gable)....
I showed my GF this and she says that you're wrong
I don´t think boots are worn more often in generally. I don´t work in a suit so i can wear boots to almost everything i wear. I also live in Sweden and if we´re lucky we have 8-10 weeks/year when it´s to hot for boots. If we have a crappy summer, like we had in 2012 with rain and +10-15C, you could wear boots year round...I don´t know why the Galway is so popular right now but for me it´s more or less the perfect boot. I have two pairs, the one above and one in dark oak...
+1I also have more boots than shoes.
Long time since anyone posted a pic of a pair of Galways Here are mine in edwardian antique on last 82.
With the hype of the Galway, how are these not sold month ago?
Don't know why Ingevaldsson needs quotes. I talked with Nick from BE in person about this and he told me the same thing. Then Daniel at GG us swedish and Ingevaldsson have the biggest shoe blog in sweden...
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