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Is there a list with stock models or is it all shoes and boots on their website?Regarding your EG stock. What models counts as stock? Is for example Chelsea in dark oak last 82 stock and could be ordered without mto fee but if you want it on last 202 it counts as a mto?Thanks
Saw the video but your pics show the shoes better. They are amazing. Do you know if he uses dye or cream only?
I wear the same size in 82, 202 and 64. 8E in all of them, 64 has more volume but that's good in that kind of boot.
Good move! Skoaktiebolaget keeps bringing top make ups and this boot is no difference. Perfect for the Swedish winter....or a zombie apocalypse
Got my Galway MTO today. Dark Oak, last 82, double dainite. They are awesome
I got my Galways today. They were ready just before Christmas but i told Mark to hold the shipping because i had a long business trip coming up. I'm really happy i didn't give up and ask for a refund, they came out better than i hoped for.
When you post this, it will be the post of the year!
Agree, also think it looks nice.It's not the best pic of the toes but i will give them a closer look when I get home. Thanks for the info in the last couple of post, you always learn something new when you write
Have a pair og GG Arran in grain that is very even in the texture. Maybe GG doesn't strech the leather so hard?Sorry for posting a pair of GG in the StC thread.
Like a normal summer day in Sweden
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