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You can't blame the shoes for that. Sweden is a beautiful country and you would also go on a detour if you had the chance
No worries
I haven't looked so i don't know if you can buy it here. I use Imprenex, like that it's made in Sweden.I used to use Shoeboys Combishaum but they stopped selling it. Now I use Saphir Omninettoyant...same same but different. Warm water and a soft sponge does the trick
Since the product is so effective it's quite easy to see when you need to reapply. My winter shoes get one treatment before I start using them and one half way (2 months), my spring/summer shoes get one treatment per year or less.I always give my winter suede shoes a good cleaning after the winter and thanks to that and the spray they look like new. I'm in my fourth winter with a pair of Loake chukkas and no one would ever guess that they are my winter beaters
Why do you think that?Got a reply from Mark today and he wrote:"I spoke to Edward Green yesterday and they said they were nearly finished."
Nice that you got your shoes. I'm still waiting for my boots that i ordered in January... Mark told me they would be done late November and I've mailed him both the 21 and 29 to ask him if he heard anything, no answer so far. I sent a new mail today to update my shipping address since I moved recently. Let's see if he has the courtesy to answer this time.
Looks great! Next time you wear them please take some close up photos.
Suede is the best in those conditions. I live in Sweden and one of my got to shoes for the past three winters is a Loake suede chukka. It looks like new and the only thing i do is to spray it before the winter and then i give them a good cleaning after the season. If i wear them in slush i just rinse them under warm water when I get home.That was my first plan but then i visited the store to compare the colors and Moka is to dark. It looks almost black. Jasper is very...
Bonafé shealing lined chukka MTO Hi guys. I did a interest check for a Bonafé shearling lined chukka boot two weeks ago want to follow that up with the complete MTO idea. The lining will be in the whole shoe except the insole. Sole will be a double dainite with storm welt, think it´s the only option with a winter boot like this. Delivery time is 10-12 weeks. The guys from Skoaktiebolaget will comment on the exact price, shipping cost, VAT deduction and sizing. Please...
Do you know if it's possible to have a briefcase MTO?
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