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Does that mean that I must become a pimp, because I already have the shoes?
They do not offer this service abroad. Shipping costs and customs are to tough to handle
Haha. There was so many GMTO posts that I almost though I was part of them and got PM about the progress
GG RTW doesn't have handmade shoe trees. The trees is made by Springline
Anyone interested in a Bonafé suede chukka with shearling lining and rubber soles for the winter?
Thanks. Have it been that long?
Exactly and aktiebolag shortens AB so the correct way to write the company name as short as possible would be SkoAB...not Skoakt or how people write it here on SF :-)(For other swedes, i know that SkoAB is not 100% grammatical correct either. But close enough :-) )
Two of the best GMTOs in a long time. Both Dover and Nevis will look so good in those make ups! I'm not a big fan of split toes but they do look good in suede and grain leather.
Haha, that could be a new thread
For me DG70 fit tighter in the toe box compare to TG73. It could be that DG70 have a punched cap toe (Canterbury) and TG73 is a wholecut (Gable)....
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