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Anyone want in on a Carmina string loafer in loden green suede GMTO? http://www.skoaktiebolaget.se/collections/carmina/products/carmina-string-loafer-in-loden-suede
Wider than 82 and about the same as 202. I'm the same size in all three lasts.
E is always the standard width in all EG lasts. F is always wide.
Agree with RogerP. To my knowledge the Skoaktiebolaget zug MTO is the only one. Didn't Leaves post in the EG thread that he got hold of leather for 15 pairs of zug Galway and the EG thread exploded?
http://www.davidsonsskomakeri.com/gaziano-girling/Swedish store Davidsons Skomakeri also has F width...
Would be pretty scary if you were the victim and still able to post here....or good news because the "other side" offer you to hang out on SF
I think it's quite obvious that they do this to minimise the amount of MTO:s. MTO:s stop a effective production line for RTW and G&G takes the same path as Crockett & Jones and Carmina who has a 50% upcharge for MTO. CJ is doing more than fine....One can only hope that G&G will increase their RTW line and add models in different width, otherwise this new policy is very strange.As others said. I see no reason to buy G&G MTO when i can have a handwelted and customised shoe...
I´m almost 100% certain that it´s a pair of these http://www.bespoke-england.co.uk/products/canterbury-in-vintage-rioja-calf-dg70I have the same boot and they are stunning irl. Buy them!
Don´t have the time, i had 650 unread posts. It´s in the middle of the winter olympics SF is low priority
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