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They are hand welted it's just the italians that call it goodyear. The reason is that "everyone" knows that goodyear means quality but few know what hand welt means.
When i meet Nick in London last fall he wore a pair of Walkton (you can get all GG models on deco now) on the deco last and i thought it was TG73. Looked so much more balanced irl.
Maybe it's the end of all sales or do you 5 there will be a January sale this year?
It's strange that some things won't sell. People are crazy about Spoo's G&G sale with shoes for 575$ and you can't sell this one for 500$... Maybe you need the right nickname to sell stuff for what it's worth?
Nice boots! Did a similar MTO that is ready for shipping. Last 82, doak, double dainite.
I'd just called and asked. Short and a bit rude answer but clear Me: Can I order by phone?EG staff: Ehhh no.Me: Thank you for your help. ByeEG staff: Bye (very short).
What did you buy?
Agreed. This is so good. The only thing that is on the same level recently (that i know of/remember) is when MoL sold all those cheap EG at cost this summer!
How do you pay?
Agreed but the main problem for many of us that ordered EG MTO is that they told us 5 month. I have no problem waiting one year if that is clear when i order the shoes.EG must understand that things like this affect the brand in a bad way.
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