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Or just threaten to do it if not people buy enough
Nice! Mine is Galway and Galway
The Gable isn't vintage oak, it's vintage cedar :-) Oak is much darker.
Send a PM and i will help a SF friend
Thanks! It's an old pic, haven't start using them after summer. (It's weird that all pics get so small when i post from my tablet. Anyone know why?)
Hehe, well...that's a story for another forum Here's a pic to compensate for all the resent BS
Good info! I know nothing about that trade but I'm here to learn Seams that I should but a pair of spectators as well so I'm safe when I make the career switch. Or maybe I should just sell the suede oxfords...hard choices, think I need to ask my GF
Does that mean that I must become a pimp, because I already have the shoes?
They do not offer this service abroad. Shipping costs and customs are to tough to handle
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