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That's the punishment for drinking Starbucks coffee Can't see it. Bigger pic please!
What color, sole and last do you plan to use? Last 64 i guess...
If you have UK8E you can buy mine for 900 GBP...I´ll even include shipping in the price
Do you have any GG boots? Or do you want boot trees for the ones you´re buying this spring
I don´t think he will. Bespoke England sold boot trees under the store name but had to stop with this because of the reason Dean told you...only for bespoke.I have two pair of boot trees that i luckily got before B-E stopped selling them.
Thanks. It´s brown highland grain.Maybe so he can avoid resoling and just put on a new topy?
MH71 without a doubt.Arran on MH71
Yes it is!
That's exactly why i like those materials better.
[quote name="unipair guy" url="/t/291745/edward-green-appreciation-pictures-info-and-where-to-buy/6800_100#post_6923244" [/quote] That Dover is really great. I think Dover is best in grain or suede.
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