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A humble request regarding the "round 2 shell MTO". Can the person who is in charge of this gather all interesed and talk details in PM. Then you can post the shoe that people can sign up for here and they can send a PM if they want in. Otherwise this thread will be filled with talk about what lining color and welt you want. Thanks.
They are not out of stock, they don´t have green lining.They have the three colors i wrote + tan as Concub1ne wrote, that´s it. You don´t get more action than that for 500 dollars
Carmina don't have green lining. They have black, purple, brown and one more that i don't remember.
I was the "boss" of the MTO and we send it to production 4-5 weeks ago so it´s closed.
We paid 50% of the total amount. The total price was something like 4800 SEK without VAT.
No. Only saphir dark brown.
I did this with dark brown on my C&J Chelsea boots this spring. [[SPOILER]]
Like stevent said, 4560 SEK without VAT. This is still a great price for a shell boot. To bad you didn´t see this when i set up the group buy. Talk to Leaves he is very helpful with all questions regarding MTO. I´m not working at or for Skoaktiebolaget (that would have been fun ).
Haha. Word!
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