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They are not out of stock, they don´t have green lining.They have the three colors i wrote + tan as Concub1ne wrote, that´s it. You don´t get more action than that for 500 dollars
Carmina don't have green lining. They have black, purple, brown and one more that i don't remember.
I was the "boss" of the MTO and we send it to production 4-5 weeks ago so it´s closed.
We paid 50% of the total amount. The total price was something like 4800 SEK without VAT.
No. Only saphir dark brown.
I did this with dark brown on my C&J Chelsea boots this spring. [[SPOILER]]
Like stevent said, 4560 SEK without VAT. This is still a great price for a shell boot. To bad you didn´t see this when i set up the group buy. Talk to Leaves he is very helpful with all questions regarding MTO. I´m not working at or for Skoaktiebolaget (that would have been fun ).
Haha. Word!
BAAM!All things worth doing is worth doing well...or excellent in your case
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