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Thanks.I own the Canterbury in 8E and i tried 7.5E first but it was way to tight. I have also tried one oxford in both 7.5E and 8E and 8E was a very good fit....i also have a high insteap.
Two more questions regarding this boot 1. Do you wear the same size as in GG oxfords? If no, size up or down?2. What last is it?
Any idea how these in US8 would fit if i´m a UK7 normaly? http://www.virtualclotheshorse.com/images/0000/31289.JPG
The last pic is mine and yes i wear mine lots during late fall / winter / early spring. I wear them with jeans and i don´t think they are to dressy for that. It´s waxed leather so just don´t polish them too much and there is no problem to get a casual look...
Yes but very different. Hartland has a sleak last, single dainite sole and unlined suede. Very light and not much stability, almost feels like a sock compare to Pimlice who has double dainite sole and lined?? suede. The Pimlico feels like a more robust boot. If you want this, Hartland is not the shoe you are looking for. Just google and check out the pics of the two.
I have Northcote and Chelsea also. Don´t know if i can compare the three of them since they are totally different boots. Northcote with rubber sole is my winter boot that i use for a dressy look, it´s a UK7.5E but i could have gone with a 7E but took 0.5 size bigger to be able to use a thicker sock. The Chelsea boot i use during late spring/summer/ early autumn, since it´s a leather sole and i don´t have topys. Nice boot with jeans and chinos. Hartland will be used same...
I bought the grey suede Hartland this spring and have used them lots because of the shitty summer we had in Sweden. Rainy and cold. I would not have a problem with +5-10 celsius as long as i´m walking, but standing still would be to cold (for a longer time of course).I wear UK7E - 7.5E depending on last and took 7E for the Hartland.
I like the concept but think that this combo would look better on a Derby, like Woburn.
What color is this? One of the nicest chukka boots i´ve seen
Really nice. That will the price be?
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