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No, i´m a looong way from post 2000. If post/day stays as they are now post 2000 will be in 2020 or something
I stopped by Skoaktiebolaget today and talked to Adam and tried Oscar last and some G&G, met Leaves too. Great store and excellent service but that was no surprise since i´ve got the same service with email with the MTO. Some sizing info. I have a boot in the RAIN last 7.5UK and decided to go with the same size in Oscar. BUT, Oscar fits more snugg and i think i could go with a 7UK in rain in the future since the RAIN boot is in suede and have streched a bit. Oscar is...
Skoaktiebolaget is three words put together (this is common in swedish and a example would be, rain and fall makes the new word rainfall) The words are: SKO = Shoe AKTIE = stock (like in stockholder) BOLAGET = company (the exact mening is "the company") AKTIEBOLAG is the swedish term for Inc. So to conclude this swedish lesson. If you translate it directly to english it means "Shoe Inc.". Hopefully someone understood what i just wrote
No. I asked about all these things when me and NAMOR talked about how the shell boot should look. The answear was clear. You can pick any model at any last but the model is set. No adding, no removal. No habla espanol If you want to play designer it cost money and you will have to play with G&G, EG etc.
You can´t do that. Carmina doesn´t redesign existing models.
Haha, i´m sure he will. People in NZ say that i shouldn´t trust Aussies Actually i would love to go to Australia, haven´t been there but have lots of friends who have and they loved it.
I'm in Auckland right now but will get back asap when i know the options. The 12h time differens might slow it down a bit.
I´ve sent everyone a PM a couple of days ago with the latest info. That is it.
Google and you shall find. I didn´t know the answear but after 30 sek on skoaktiebolagets web site i found this: _______________________________________________________________________________ SHIPPING We ship globally with flat rates depending on where you live: Sweden, Denmark, Finland - free shipping for purchases of 3000 SEK and above. European Union - 200 SEK for purchases of 3000 SEK and above. World Wide - 300 SEK (ex VAT) for purchases of 3000 SEK and above. At...
The shell MTO is closed. The interest have been great and we ended up with 17 people. This must be some sort of record. Closing a group buy at SF in one week sounds impossible but miracles happen The partisipants will get a PM as soon as i´m done sorting the data out. Don´t PM me, my inbox will burst
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