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One of my absolute favorite shoes and the look 100 times better in real life It´s one of the fastest shoe buys i´ve made. Went in the store in Palma just to look, saw these and went tried out the size, paid and left.
No, you have your own lane for silly money. It´s called MTO
Nice to see all photos. Here´s one from today...i don´t know if i have a "CrappyPic" app in my phone because all look like shit Here it is anyway... Shoe: Carmina Pants: Dark brown cordoroy
Now we have things confirmed regarding the shell MTO. - Price 5800 SEK with VAT (4640 SEK without) - If you buy MTO you can buy shoe trees for 500 SEK with VAT (400 SEK without) - Shipping will be 300 SEK outside sweden. - Time to produce, 3 month give or take. Deadline is still friday 12/10, 00:00 CET. PM me for details regarding payment etc.
The group for the shell MTO grows everyday. Now we´re 12 Me justinkapur stevent Calikid NAMOR joiji SoGent jacksh Cunrad frezon Gerry Nelson diglett
I really like Milan and Italy in general. I think it´s great to just walk in the city a feel the atmosphere, look at all the old buildnings and take the small streets to find a nice espresso bar. I like to go to these places and i don´t see anyone else bring them up. Could be a bad thing Charleston is a nice place to have lunch. http://www.ristorantecharleston.it/ and then i love PECK. All that great food is amazing and then they have a wine cellar that is,,,i don´t...
Don´t worry. These questions have already been up and the info is coming as soon as i have it. First i want the price. Don´t want to send out info before the dead line is quite near, otherwise i have to say the same thing 1000 times because people doesn´t read the thread more than 2 post back
No i didn´t because i haven´t got the price confirmed. The questions have some travel to do Me - store - carmina - store - me - SF.
Nine people are in on the shell MTO right now, so it would not be any problem as long as we put our money were our mouth is Myself justinkapur stevent Calikid NAMOR joiji SoGent jacksh Cunrad
They have a boot like that. Look at the web site www.skoaktiebolaget.se
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