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When you post this, it will be the post of the year!
Agree, also think it looks nice.It's not the best pic of the toes but i will give them a closer look when I get home. Thanks for the info in the last couple of post, you always learn something new when you write
Have a pair og GG Arran in grain that is very even in the texture. Maybe GG doesn't strech the leather so hard?Sorry for posting a pair of GG in the StC thread.
Like a normal summer day in Sweden
Have a nice stay in Italy! Some day I'm going to Pitti :-)
They are hand welted it's just the italians that call it goodyear. The reason is that "everyone" knows that goodyear means quality but few know what hand welt means.
When i meet Nick in London last fall he wore a pair of Walkton (you can get all GG models on deco now) on the deco last and i thought it was TG73. Looked so much more balanced irl.
Maybe it's the end of all sales or do you 5 there will be a January sale this year?
It's strange that some things won't sell. People are crazy about Spoo's G&G sale with shoes for 575$ and you can't sell this one for 500$... Maybe you need the right nickname to sell stuff for what it's worth?
Nice boots! Did a similar MTO that is ready for shipping. Last 82, doak, double dainite.
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