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Absolutely. I agree that cultures have a big impact in what people think is ok regarding social rules. I just meant that it´s always a person you are dealing with and that person choose how they want to handle things. I find this interesting, i love to travel and get to know different cultures. This is a bit far from "Carmina shoe porn" so i try to get back to that with a pic.
I do business with spanish people (have a small company) and the people i deal with is very professional and always answear emails fast and want to do the best of everything. Great service and attitude, they speak pretty good english too. I don´t think this is a spanish / whatever country thing, this is about people and how they choose to handle their customers/partners.
No, i would be far from fine with it.As you didn´t get a reply i can see that christmas is getting in the way but this could also be one other sign of bad customer service. Since your aren´t done with this i think Betty should answear as quick as possible so both she and you can put this behind you. This whole story shows that Betty need to shape up the way she handle customers who aren´t satisfied and if she thinks it´s to much trouble or if she has other things to do,...
It´s really retarded as you say. I was about to pull the trigger on a pair of 9US/8UK Gables when they first got out on sale but didn´t do it becasuse VAT + shipping was to much. Then i read your posts about this sizing thing and understood that they did have the wrong size online. So when they dropped to 490 dollars i couldn´t resist and NAMOR helped me with the purchase. The only size left was 8.5US / 7.5UK, i was a bit nervous that i had understood things wrong but when...
I think both colors look great, maybe my two favorite colors from GG along with Vintage Cedar. I think you should pick color based on how you want to wear the shoes. I would probably go with chestnut because with a lighter color you can build your own patina.Rothschild vintage chestnutWestminster vintage rioja
No problem. Monday is christmas day so take it easy, of course i would like to have them right now but i can live with the wait given the price i paid.
Really nice! These pics does so much more justice to the shoes than Barneys crappy ones...no wonder they had to give them away Just looked around for some pics of the Gable to ease the wait and i found this on AAAC ".....and if you're paying £500 for a near perfect shoe then £550 for a perfect shoe isn't going to be an issue." This was in spring 2008, did G&G sell for 500 pounds back then and charged 25 pound as a MTO fee? If this is true there have been a slight raise
Yeah and that was before they dropped to 489 USD
You know you are old when your name is Vintage
What model and color is this?
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