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+1 The #8 color is so rich. Love it!
www.crockettandjones.se Have nice pics of all lasts.
Thanks!Connaught is quite wide but this is good for me since i have a high insteap, fit very good. I agree that TG73 isn´t a classic last but i like Gable on that last, the toe cap gives it a good balance imo. I don´t think i would like a plain wholecut in that last. I like Audley too but haven´t tried that last, the only Handgrade shoe i have is Clifford.
I don´t get how what i wrote could imply that C&J are crappy? Especially when i say i like both... Most of my quality shoes are C&J and i´m really happy with them (Chelsea, Connaught, Clifford, Hartland and Northcote)That is what i wrote and what it means
My first ever quality shoe along with my most recent purchase, C&J Connaught and G&G Gable on TG73. Two totaly different styles but i like them both... Both need polishing. Wearing C&J with overshoes during the holidays took the edge of a great shine and the G&G came a bit dry. Waiting for some Saphir products from Valmour and a TG73 shoe tree from Skoaktiebolaget.
We need more 14.5 shirts in B&S so i can buy them and post here
Selling three pair of great shoes in very good condition. Shoe 1: Carmina polo suede oxford BNIB Last Forest Model 950 Size 7UK York sole (part rubber) Price: make an offer Shoe 2: *SOLD Carmina black captoe oxford (used 3 times) Last Detroit Size 7.5UK Leather sole Price: make an offer Shoe 3: *SOLD* Crockett & Jones Chelsea chestnut Last 238 Size 8UK (have a high insteap otherwise i would wear 7.5UK) Leather sole Price: make an offer As you can see inte the pics i...
I have looked at all models at the web site and Vass have lots of models that is a bit to east europe style for me. I wouldn´t wear that boot if they gave me 450 euro Thanks for the tip anyway.
I´ve made up my mind. I´m going to buy my first Vass Chukka boot F-last Dainite sole (maybe double leather with toe taps) Dark brown grain I want a casual boot that i can wear all year (not in the middle of the summer of course) and i think Dainite is better in sweden with rain, snow, ice, gravel on the pavement.
I normaly don´t like black wingtips but those were nice. Good buy!
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