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Didn´t Carmina increase prices just a few month ago?
This thread is so good. My wallet is so happy that i don´t live in NYC or anywere else in the US for that matter
You should use the smileys
Really great! Love the fabric in both SC and tie
You risk this with all clothes but i hardly think the risk is that big. If a girl reject you because of you have pointy shoes she probably don´t like you that much or is a total moron. Good riddance!Wearing what you like and wear it with confidence will get you more girls than trying to wear what you think someone like. Stupid question in the first place...
Yes! You must have something to wear until you get your shell MTO boot
- 18 Celsius today but i felt the need to wear my new Carminas
Picked these up last week. Carmina.
Very classic
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