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I agree 100%. Things can go wrong and they can miss a pair in QC BUT telling the customer that he is wrong because he won´t accept clear flaws is not acceptable. And then leaving him with the cost and Paypal fees is below zero in customer care points.I have four Carminas and one shell MTO on the way, i´m very happy with the brand, nice lasts and great models. I´ve have not bought one pair of C&J since i started to buy Carmina but i can change back. The difference in price...
I´m in the process of buying a pair of Vass and have read lots of tips in this thread how to size but i´m not sure yet 40.5 seams like a size i could end up with, what do you have in other lasts and makers? I have a high insteap, how would that work with the U-last?
Five G&G in a week. What a shoe orgy
Haha, yeah! Soon we will have a killer Carmina shell boot also
Haha, might sound weird but i don´t to wear my Canterbury with single leather sole in the snow and salt. My winter boots are CJ Nothcote and Loake Pimlico, then i have some boots from Lundhags (trekking boots).
Spring can´t come fast enough
Yes, and now i´ve told you and lost that edge I took the US8.5 / UK7.5.
Not with the help from a friendly SF-member I know. Did everything work out with the wrong size?
Put me on your hate list. Gables on their way
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