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You know the story by now...Barney sale. Learning from Stitchy i was able to navigate the sizing jungle and end up with the right size. Big thanks to NAMOR who bought them and shipped them to me. I´ve orderd lasted trees from Skoaktiebolaget and ended up paying what a pair of benchgrade C&J + trees cost in Sweden The leather is a bit dry and have some small scuffs but nothing that won´t go away with some polish (what do you use for Vintage Ceder?)Nuff said, here are the...
The holidays are over in Sweden, back to normal work week today.
They are 8UK not 7.5UK. There have been many posts here about the wrong sizing info Barneys has online.
I´ve read in your sale ad for your Vass that you got a modified last from G&G that you use for MTO. Modified in what way and how did you do it and what did it cost (if you mind sharing). How do you size your self in RTW G&G (we seam to have the same size so your Vass might be of interest).
Yes, i posted this directly under your post about BE
What! It is a disgrace that those shoes ever left the factory and a 100 times worse that they don´t refund the original buyer or give him new shoes. My growing interest in EG took a dive right now. Everyone makes mistakes but it´s in the way you handle those that show what you are, as a person or in business.
You can contact the new swedish store Skoaktiebolaget (http://www.skoaktiebolaget.se). One of the owners post here under the nickname "Leaves". Very service minded and no VAT for US customers so that shouldn´t be any difference from Bespoke England.
Great boots, love the color!
For top spots it´s EG 82 and G&G DG70 for me, then i also like Carmina Rain and C&J 337.
Don´t tell anyone but it will be:Deco Cooper in purple stingray and yellow lining with double dainite sole and a storm welt
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