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York sole might be a good middle way.
I have that boot in Polo suede and leather sole in Rain last. One of my favorite shoes, just love the model.
You gotta love SF. People have no clue about a MTO make up but are still don´t want to miss the good stuff (i´m the same so this is no criticism)
The downside of shell i guess, no way to know the exact color until you have it in your hand. This will be my first shell shoe so i don´t know how it age but if shell gets darker with time i also hope for the lighter version. With 16 people in this MTO we will have a few that think the color (whatever it might be) is the wrong one, someone took the wrong size etc. This will feed the Carmina thread for a couple of least
Holy smoke
Sorry for the late reply, busy day!At first they were so tight i was going to sell them (picked them up at B&S) but i just put them on during evening when i watched TV and after 2-3 of those sessions they were ok. When i started to walk in them they stretched more and after maybe 3-4 times they got really comfy. Now i can wear them all day but when i got them maybe 2h. I´m happy i didn´t sell them and took a UK7.5 instead.This is tricky. I always try 0.5 size under what i...
I´m a UK7.25 in 337. I have the Clifford and went for UK7 in the end, very tight in the beginning but fit nice now.
They are! All socks but the one to the right (blue with pattern) have a thicker knit that is really nice.
Came today. A few socks (made by Bresciani) and a cashmere/merino scarves from the Berg & Berg sale. Good stuff since half the winter is left, in sweden anyway... Some shoe care products from Valmour.
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