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Yes! You must have something to wear until you get your shell MTO boot
- 18 Celsius today but i felt the need to wear my new Carminas
Picked these up last week. Carmina.
Very classic
[[SPOILER]] Wow. This one of the best combos i´ve seen in this thread! The color and fabric on those pants is Dets please.
Great shoes and socks,really like the fabric and the pattern on those. What brand and model is the shoes?
Very good. This info would have been to a lot of help when i started to look into GG and the info i got was: All last fit the same.I´ve tried DG70 and TG73 in 7.5F but since i´m a E the shoe don´t fit that good. As i wrote before, 8E in those lasts fit the same as 7.5E in GG06 and MH71...on my feets anyway
Agree. They all use the word service but most don´t know the meaning of it.I wanted to buy the Gable but they added 282 dollar VAT and DUTY to the order + 52 dollars in shipping. Why in the world would they add VAT and DUTY to someone in sweden, that seams to be "my" customs job?
Great stuff! Take some pics.
They don´t fit the same for me. I wear:GG06 and MH71 = UK7.5EDG70 and MH73 = UK8EIn this sizes the shoes fit the same, nice and snug.
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