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Any 14.5 or 15" shirts? Pics of ties?
Today is D-day for the cognac shell boot MTO from Skoaktiebolaget. Hopefully we they send a few pics when they arrive
Didn´t see this before.I´ve heard that corduory was first manufactured in Leeds but later produced in Manchester. In swedish the name of the fabric is Manchester, so we say manchester pants. It was just a friendly hint to Hampton. It´s hard to write in a foreign language so i hope people give me a hint if i´m way off
Who doesn´t! Best suede oxford ever
Snuff (the one that is called Polo by other makers?) suede with dark brown tassels with singel leather sole?
Rubber sole and Navy shell - Hell yes
I have a high insteap and even if this is a pair of chukkas they were tight. I´m sure they can be streched but i rather sell them and buy 0.5 size bigger. Only tried them on three times so it´s more or less a brand new shoe.
I have no experience with the mail order service. I heard that C&J were having a new years sale a little more than a year ago and i just picked up the phone and called several stores. The guy at Burlington Arcade was very helpful and i bought two pairs + one for my girlfriend. After that i have bought two more pairs. The guy have called me three times just to check that i´m happy with the shoes and to tell me about special orders they have in my size. With that service i...
I have bought several pairs from Pediwear and Bodileys but have stopped doing that. I think the wait is not worth the money saved so i buy directly from a C&J store (Burlington Arcade). Great service and fast shipping.
Just a heads up. I sell a pair of Chepstow UK7. Make me an offer i can´t resist http://www.styleforum.net/t/332073/like-new-c-j-chepstow-chukka-uk7/0_50
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