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Edit...read your post wrong. No i have tried several models in the sam last and no variation. [[SPOILER]]
Used shoes are even more beautiful! Patina FTW
The boot is in tan scotch grain and like new. Tried them on three times outside and since we have snow in sweden the sole have almost no sign of wear. They are a bit tight across the foot for my high insteap so i need a UK7.5. No, box but original shoe bags. Ship worldwide and this is included in the price.
Suede with rubber sole.
It must have started today because i´ve been to the site everyday the last week. There is a ton of stuff left, i didn´t buy much. One tie, and two Fairisle Knitted Scarves (one red as a gift for my girlfriend).
Drake´s sale.....Incoming
WOW! First time i see St James in Mole suede....fu**ing great shoe
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