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Great boots, love the color!
For top spots it´s EG 82 and G&G DG70 for me, then i also like Carmina Rain and C&J 337.
Don´t tell anyone but it will be:Deco Cooper in purple stingray and yellow lining with double dainite sole and a storm welt
I emailed Nick today about some things and the montly MTO came up. He will launch it on monday and it will be good
Yup, it was so good it needed a "part two"
Since i know more about coffee than about clothes i can only say this. My thoughts are with you
You have the perfect shoe for those conditions, just spray them with water repellent suede spray.
Congrats! Clifford are really nice, bought them one year ago from a forum member and they look better with every wear.
Don´t think anybody says no to a repost of these pics....If a shoe can be sexy Holden and Cliffe are fu----ing pornstars!
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