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Found these pics on google when i wrote saddle shell cordovan. Both Carmina boots, both saddle but very different. One is what i would call cognac.
That anyone would be me and I made it 100% clear since I put that exact pic in the order sheet.
You're right. They are way to light to be the same as the pic we had as reference. I will send Leaves a pm and ask them to double check this. I think they look better but right should be right.
Cool! Hats off
I think this is one of the best cognac shell boots i´ve seen. Now i don´t mind waiting the extra weeks, my boot was delayed. Hope the rest of the group like it as much as we do.
Pics of the "jumper boot" MTO. I think they look great!
When i bought the restock of the longwing in grain leather they sent them to as soon as they got the shipment. So, fast.No, did ask them to take some pics and send me or post here. Maybe they didn´t have the time today since they got more shoes than this MTO. Hopefully tomorrow.
Funny to read about how others GF/wives think about buying shoes and clothes. My wife think it´s fun when i buy something i like and she is always the first person i show my new stuff. I´m more interested in clothes so i´m the one who gives her advice about what to buy She has her own job and takes pride in paying for her own stuff, as i do. Never had a comment about anything.
So your god is mcarthur?
GG also?
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