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That's exactly why i like those materials better.
[quote name="unipair guy" url="/t/291745/edward-green-appreciation-pictures-info-and-where-to-buy/6800_100#post_6923244" [/quote] That Dover is really great. I think Dover is best in grain or suede.
Haha... +1
I was in the store when they opened the first box and i can say that they are even greater irl. Very nice color in that chromexel leather.@stmaier - Those boots is on3of the best I've seen!@leaves - I want to preorder a UK7.5 when you stock this boot
I don't think it's that hard to understand. Both me and dieworkwear have spoken personally with EG and got the same answer. I talked with Hilary Freeman that is the owner and ceo and as i said before, she was very clear when she said "we don't do business with EoM anymore". I was very lucky to get the boots i ordered but i think people are fooling themselves if they still not think that EoM is out as a EG dealer. You need to ask yourself if you believe this info is wrong...
Good to hear! I ordered a pair of GG that was flawed and i sent them back. I asked EoM if i could order something else from GG but after three or four emails i gave up and took a refund. Glad i got my Galway since EG seams like a bitch to work with. From all the stories i hear i think EG think the saying is " The customer is always wrong and should be forever thankfull that we alow him to buy our shoes"
Did you buy them with a discount?
I have the same size in all four lasts. For me DG70 is a bit tighter than the others but the reason for that could be the model (punched cap toe).
Those chukkas are...wow , especially the buffalo!
Dark Oak, last 82, double dainite.NAMOR - Thanks. Normaly a post from my PC and are used to be able to choose size.
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