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What do you guys think about this for a winter boot. - Theresianer - P2 or 3636 - Burgundy scotchgrain - Vibram sole - Storm welt I want it big enough to put a thick insole in and to wear with a thick sock. I'm a 41/UK7F in the F and P2 so I'm thinking of getting a G width. How do you size 3636 compare to F and P2?
+1. This style look really good in suede!
Great news! Carmina has so many great models for women but low availability.
It's pretty impressive that your kids can do drop kicks at that age. You're going to have a hard time five years from now
Agree 100%
Haha, I'm glad that I made (at least) one person laugh today
The skin from a elf. You don't make wholecuts with those
Or normal size?
Don't tighten the laces when they are in the hooks, do it before and just lay them around the hooks.There is a film here somewhere showing how to do it....
SF post of the year!
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