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It's pretty impressive that your kids can do drop kicks at that age. You're going to have a hard time five years from now
Agree 100%
Haha, I'm glad that I made (at least) one person laugh today
The skin from a elf. You don't make wholecuts with those
Or normal size?
Don't tighten the laces when they are in the hooks, do it before and just lay them around the hooks.There is a film here somewhere showing how to do it....
SF post of the year!
English is not my native language so maybe I was a bit unclear. I have one lasted 3pc shoe tree for the MH71 and one for the DG70....I didn´t try to fit the MH71 tree into the DG70 and was surprised that it didn´t work It´s not a suede Arran pre 2010. It´s made 2013 and with grain leather.
Thank you for your answear. It´s because of this i´m surprised that the shoe fit so much bigger than the other G&G I have, I have two shoes and two boots in four different lasts and all but this one feels the same. Maybe it´s just because it´s a chukka and have stretched more.
Should all shoes in the same size have the same length? The reason I ask is because when i took out my Arran on MH71 for fall last week i tried it on i was thinking I had lots of toe space. I put them beside my Canterbury on DG70 and the Arran is much longer. Both should be UK8E, it says so on the shoe and box... I wonder if G&G made my Arran on a UK8.5 last because the fit wider and the three piece shoetree doesn´t fit tight at all. Have the same type of tree in my...
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