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Don't know why Ingevaldsson needs quotes. I talked with Nick from BE in person about this and he told me the same thing. Then Daniel at GG us swedish and Ingevaldsson have the biggest shoe blog in sweden...
Yeah, that was fast
It has not. It's a brand new model for Skoaktiebolaget so this is the only make up so far. They did the shoe in collaboration with the Swedish style site Manolo and the first batch was very limited and sold out in a few hours when they presented it three weeks ago.
You just sold your pair.
Woohoo, Canterbury!
Guess they are Alexanders since Leaves wrote "lads in the store" @GabrielOB - That's one heck of a summer shoe! Very nice
Of course! Those are cool but i would have a hard time finding the occasions to wear them.
Not now. They will by the end of this month if i recall correctly.
Very nice! A big improvement from the old one
Haha. This is so true. Even Wallenbergarna are communists by US standards
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