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Of course! Those are cool but i would have a hard time finding the occasions to wear them.
Not now. They will by the end of this month if i recall correctly.
Very nice! A big improvement from the old one
Haha. This is so true. Even Wallenbergarna are communists by US standards
I was the one trying to get it going but didnĀ“t get 3 people for a GMTO. When it was clear it was januari and I decided to wait with my order until later this year so I get the boot this fall. Will try to get a GMTO going, otherwise I will just order it alone.
Gave my cordovan jumpers some TLC yesterday, well needed
That's a really good offer
Anyone want in on a Carmina string loafer in loden green suede GMTO? http://www.skoaktiebolaget.se/collections/carmina/products/carmina-string-loafer-in-loden-suede
Wider than 82 and about the same as 202. I'm the same size in all three lasts.
E is always the standard width in all EG lasts. F is always wide.
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