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Don't have the Shanklin but a unlined chukka from CJ called Hartland. It feels very different one the foot, almost as you don't wear shoes, but they are really comfortable.I think it will be a great shoe to wear casual when it's a bit warmer and I don't think you will be dissatisfied
Great boots and photo Shouldaville!
You misspelled it. Take away "or" and insert "and" Jokes aside...i think both are great but would have gone for Nevis in CC.
No. Rain is very different from Forest.
Hmmm, tough one. Maybe you should ask Tifosi?
No, I would take half a size bigger. Forest has to low insteap for me but otherwise I would have UK 7.5 in both Carmina lasts. In EG 82 and 202 I have UK 8E.
Second Galway in suede I see in a couple of weeks and this is as great as the first. Gable in suede us really great too!
It's not hard to call it "free". But I wouldn't call it free
That's not a problem since school in Sweden are "free".
That will be an awesome boot JS! I have a Arran on MH71 in dark brown grain that I bought from Nick. Wore them today and love them
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