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Hmmm, tough one. Maybe you should ask Tifosi?
No, I would take half a size bigger. Forest has to low insteap for me but otherwise I would have UK 7.5 in both Carmina lasts. In EG 82 and 202 I have UK 8E.
Second Galway in suede I see in a couple of weeks and this is as great as the first. Gable in suede us really great too!
It's not hard to call it "free". But I wouldn't call it free
That's not a problem since school in Sweden are "free".
That will be an awesome boot JS! I have a Arran on MH71 in dark brown grain that I bought from Nick. Wore them today and love them
A pair of brand new Vass shoes in medium brown suede and a single dainite sole, with box, shoebags, extra laces and Vass shoetrees. Price includes world wide shipping. This is a MTO so the normal price would be 700 - 710 USD.
No, I meant storm welt. Didn't know Vass couldn't do that... That means that I'm back to fkat welt
What do you guys think about this for a winter boot. - Theresianer - P2 or 3636 - Burgundy scotchgrain - Vibram sole - Storm welt I want it big enough to put a thick insole in and to wear with a thick sock. I'm a 41/UK7F in the F and P2 so I'm thinking of getting a G width. How do you size 3636 compare to F and P2?
+1. This style look really good in suede!
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