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TF glasses from MoL. Picked them up today.
Would have been great but i just ordered the Arran on MH71 in brown highland grain.
Many good points being made here. For me, if i see a model i like and the last fit i buy the shoe. Then it could be a Carmina, CJ, GG, EG or whatever...i don´t think i will notice a big difference in quality between my Carminas and GG if i wear them equally during five years.
Didn't see this until now. I'm on the canary islands for two weeks and working on my tan Have been wearing a pair of PT01 shorts i bought from said store.Anyway, I've heard that they will launch a web store this year.
This is my first linen sock ever and i got it yesterday. I tried it on just now and the first impression is very good, nice shape that follows the foot and snug around the leg. It´s a Bresciani sock made for Berg&Berg so i expect it to be good quality.Thanks
We used a double dainite sole on the jumper boot. Single dainite is like a normal single leather sole. I have a suede chukka with a single dainite and i wouldn't use that on a winter shoe of two reasons. First it will be cold and second you feel stones through the sole because it's so thin. I would rather use a double leather for fall/winter.
It's a store in Stockholm and most of the clothes is under their own name. I don't know what makers they use but i like the design. They carry PT01, PT05, Santoni and C&J outside their own brand.
Some things for the summer Crappy light so the pics aren´t any good... Green socks and navy chinos from Rose&Born. Cotton tie and linen socks from Berg&Berg.
Happy with them? Did you take the same size in MH71 as TG73 and DG70?
I have that suede oxford brand new in box for sale. Orderd them from spain but they had to low insteap for me. UK7, Forest last.
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