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Just placed an order with Nick for a pair of Arran. Will be perfect for fall
I guess it wasn´t a pair of EG? Just curious, why did you thrash them instead of letting them dry and see if they were ok?
This has up several times before and even if GG says that one should have the same size in all lasts, it´s not true for everyone. I wear UK8E in DG70 and TG73 but UK7.5E in GG06. As with all shoes, you must try them to know 100%.
+1. That's ugly. Never seen anything like that, hope i don't get that problem with my Galways.
That's not good. Doesn't the polish give some protection?
I took this the first day i got them, posted in WAYWRN: shoe and boot thread. [[SPOILER]] It´s night here now so i can´t take more pics today but hopefully i will wear them this weekend.
Its a bit ironic...i thought the first batch looked really good and hoped that the delayed shoes would look the same. Anyway, I´m very happy with them and wore them for the third time today since i got them one week ago
Thanks! I uploaded from my phone for the first time so I don't see how big the pic is. Anyone know how to get bigger pics from the phone?
Yes, but if i were the seller money could solve that problem
Yes, but if i were the seller money could solve that problem
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