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Nice! Dark blue and purple is a great combo
Best guidance regarding how to fit your shoes i ever read on SF. I will use this info next time i buy a shoe
Thanks! Like your combo too. Good looking shoes and one of the best shots of the F last i've seen. Made me more confident that that's the best Vass last for me.
Pants: Dark blue cords (look lighter in the pic) Socks: Bresciani for Berg&Berg Shoes: Carmina for Skoaktiebolaget
Like i said before, i'm in on a chukka. 3 or 5 eyelets doesn't matter to me. I can't wear jodhpurs and chelsea boots because of my high insteap...have the CJ Chelsea in chestnut for sale if someone want a slightly used boot
Nice to see that you are getting some use out of your Gables. Mine is still in the box and will be for some time since we have like 30 cm of snow
Green sock is getting nicer each time i see some...might be time to buy some my self Nice combo anyway!
If it's possible, i'm in!
Both great shoes. Take the one that fit the best or if you can't try them, the one you like best.
No but in a chukka or PTB
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