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So many great pieces and so few (one what i saw) 36R / 46R. I think i´ll have to pic up that SC
Looks great. Thanks for sharing. If you have the time i would like to see some pics of the sole too.
Is that the secret SF code people were talking about a year back or so?
Rain is my favorite too. Did you want something special? Maybe there is enough interest to do a group MTO.
Feel free to post some pics of them Would be nice to see how they look after being worn.
I would like to be the barista in that cafe
Those are great! That store is dangerous
I think it´s better if you PM him or send him a email.
Great! Can´t wait to see the pics of all those shoes :-) Let us know when your hear from Betty. I was just about to send a mail regardring the last MTO boots.
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