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This is my first linen sock ever and i got it yesterday. I tried it on just now and the first impression is very good, nice shape that follows the foot and snug around the leg. It´s a Bresciani sock made for Berg&Berg so i expect it to be good quality.Thanks
We used a double dainite sole on the jumper boot. Single dainite is like a normal single leather sole. I have a suede chukka with a single dainite and i wouldn't use that on a winter shoe of two reasons. First it will be cold and second you feel stones through the sole because it's so thin. I would rather use a double leather for fall/winter.
It's a store in Stockholm and most of the clothes is under their own name. I don't know what makers they use but i like the design. They carry PT01, PT05, Santoni and C&J outside their own brand.
Some things for the summer Crappy light so the pics aren´t any good... Green socks and navy chinos from Rose&Born. Cotton tie and linen socks from Berg&Berg.
Happy with them? Did you take the same size in MH71 as TG73 and DG70?
I have that suede oxford brand new in box for sale. Orderd them from spain but they had to low insteap for me. UK7, Forest last.
Dark brown highland grain, http://bespoke-england.tumblr.com/image/45190731185, in MH71 and double dainite soles.
Just placed an order with Nick for a pair of Arran. Will be perfect for fall
I guess it wasn´t a pair of EG? Just curious, why did you thrash them instead of letting them dry and see if they were ok?
This has up several times before and even if GG says that one should have the same size in all lasts, it´s not true for everyone. I wear UK8E in DG70 and TG73 but UK7.5E in GG06. As with all shoes, you must try them to know 100%.
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