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Model: 532 Last: Forest Suede: Loden green Sole: Middle thick (it´s like 1.5 times a single leather sole) ,natural edge Open eyelets.
There has been a lot of talk about doing a Carmina tassel loafer MTO. I´m doing a tassel MTO at Skoaktiebolaget...PM if interested. I´m also doing a suede longwing MTO...
Sorry thought i was in the carmina thread...moved my post there.
Hahaha! Guess i had that coming And just to clear things...those people are not cool.
So you´re telling me coolness can be bought?I´m afraid it´s going to hit back if one steps outside ones limits of coolness [[SPOILER]]
double post
Even if they are extremely cool a shoe like this is quite far down on my "to buy list". Even if i had an extra 10 000 SEK burning in my pocket And most important, i´m not cool enought to wear them.
WhyWhy fight over something you know you don't want
Looks better worn :-) I like this one:
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