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Thanks! First time i wore them today since the swedish spring was so late this year. Really comfy right away Don´t know about great minds but we´re on the same page on this one
G&G Bresciani Rose&Born
Stuff for sale. I´ll take offers, PM if you want pics. I ship worldwide. Shoes Carmina snuff suede oxford semi brouges (BNIB) Forest, UK7 Carmina black cap toe, Detroit, UK7.5 C&J Chealsea, chestnut, UK8E C&J Cheapstow, tan grain, (2 wears), UK7E C&J Northcote, dark brown, UK7.5E Other PT01 navy chino, size euro 44, brand new but hemmed J.Lindeberg light grey flannel trousers, euro 46
TF glasses from MoL. Picked them up today.
Would have been great but i just ordered the Arran on MH71 in brown highland grain.
Many good points being made here. For me, if i see a model i like and the last fit i buy the shoe. Then it could be a Carmina, CJ, GG, EG or whatever...i don´t think i will notice a big difference in quality between my Carminas and GG if i wear them equally during five years.
Didn't see this until now. I'm on the canary islands for two weeks and working on my tan Have been wearing a pair of PT01 shorts i bought from said store.Anyway, I've heard that they will launch a web store this year.
This is my first linen sock ever and i got it yesterday. I tried it on just now and the first impression is very good, nice shape that follows the foot and snug around the leg. It´s a Bresciani sock made for Berg&Berg so i expect it to be good quality.Thanks
We used a double dainite sole on the jumper boot. Single dainite is like a normal single leather sole. I have a suede chukka with a single dainite and i wouldn't use that on a winter shoe of two reasons. First it will be cold and second you feel stones through the sole because it's so thin. I would rather use a double leather for fall/winter.
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