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Yes. Depends on what color, sole and last...
Do you have any shoes on last 82 that i can try on?
Craftsmanship - VassDesign - CarminaQuality / price ratio - Vass
I really like boots, so Canterbury.
You can go tomorrow :-)
My original intent was Noix suede for the tassel loafer with dark brown grain tassels.
Spectators are cool but i donĀ“t think i can pull them off. Cudos to everyone who can
MrBrioni bought both the Adalaide and the spectators, pics in this thread a week or two back.Under the tag "store" they list all incoming shoes, http://www.skoaktiebolaget.se/store
They "just" did a Galway MTO + they will soon have that boot in stock.From the web site:- Edward Green Galway Derby Boot in Dark Oak/Walnut Country Calf (May)
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