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I'm a UK8...really need to visit him when i'm in London later this summer
Me too. I just placed an order for a G&G MTO and i have EG MTO since january that i haven´t got yet
Uncle, great combo once again I really like those pants, care to share some details?
I´ve heard that Carmina offer shearling lining now but only for one boot model. I think you should convince Carmina to make a chukka in dark brown suede with dainite soles and shearling lining for fall/winter
I wanted those in Loden green but the only pair in UK7 was sold. To bad they didn´t restock those.
Haha, i bet you would love to have them yesterday
Nice! You will have them just in time to the sunny fall days
With Bonafe it only takes 3 to avoid the MTO fee...and the MTO fee is only 15% so it's not that expensive to order your own shoe.
Was just thinking the same thing and i would do them in MH71.Depending on your size he has some in TG73 in the web shop.
That combo is rocking! Ravello shell is
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