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Me too. I just placed an order for a G&G MTO and i have EG MTO since january that i haven´t got yet
Uncle, great combo once again I really like those pants, care to share some details?
I´ve heard that Carmina offer shearling lining now but only for one boot model. I think you should convince Carmina to make a chukka in dark brown suede with dainite soles and shearling lining for fall/winter
I wanted those in Loden green but the only pair in UK7 was sold. To bad they didn´t restock those.
Haha, i bet you would love to have them yesterday
Nice! You will have them just in time to the sunny fall days
With Bonafe it only takes 3 to avoid the MTO fee...and the MTO fee is only 15% so it's not that expensive to order your own shoe.
Was just thinking the same thing and i would do them in MH71.Depending on your size he has some in TG73 in the web shop.
That combo is rocking! Ravello shell is
Vass should say yes since they already do it in the sense that if you order a shoe and it doesn´t fit you can return it and they will make a new one for you.
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