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Spring took a break today and winter wear was needed. Navy cords with heavy wool socks from Pantherella and Carmina shell boots (pants are much darker irl).
If you're such a man...order MTO
When i get my Galways in a couple of months i'm not going to pamper them. Boots look best a bit beat up...well cared for but beat up.
I bought them first hand in the Palma store just over a year ago. Dont remember the exact price but it was something like 400 - 420 euro.
I have those boots and i think the pic shows the color really good. I have posted pics of them in serveral threads on this forum if you want to see more
Thanks! Really happy with them. Looking forward to give them some character
Got my Carmina cordovan "jumper boot" today and took them for a spin right away. Oscar last fit my feet very well and i really like the color of the cognac shell, they look quite light in the sun light but in the shade they are quite dark.
Don´t know how you could miss the pics. This is the last boots that was delayed, the first ones came six weeks ago and there was maybe two pages with posts about how light the cognac shell came out.Anyway...here is a link to SkoAB own pics: http://www.skoaktiebolaget.se/news/carmina-made-order-bootsMy pair was sent today so hopefully i can wear them tomorrow
This is moving fast As i said, it depends...i never said that i´m in on navy and i´m not saying i´m out. Just need to think about this MTO, there is also the dark oak/mink suede option from Skoaktiebolaget.
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