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They probably say "EG don´t do this, we do the shoe like we want...and it will cost extra"
Those were really nice!
Yes. All prices have been raised in their own webshop. Must have done that in the last days or so...
Or they could offer several payment options and let the customer choose, just make it clear how much each will cost.
Did some polishing while watching cross country skiing world champs... [[SPOILER]]
BUMP!There is still time to get on board. PM if you want in.
After this post, it will be called Leaves box
1. The colors that SkoAB has in theire swatch are: Black, grey, dark brown, snuff, noix, navy and loden green. (They are going to ask if there is more avalible).2. Yes, we had that discussion with the last MTO and that´s what SkoAB told me after asking Carmina. Of course it´s possible to make changes it´s just about if Carmina want to do them or not and i think they can have two policies. One for big stores like The Armoury and Epaulet, they can make special orders and...
Thanks, it's 100% irony. Hope your post isn't
It's a good idea but nothing for me. I have both a penny loafer and string loafers so i'm in the market for a tassel.You know you can choose York sole? That might be better for a loafer.
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