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That combo is rocking! Ravello shell is
Vass should say yes since they already do it in the sense that if you order a shoe and it doesn´t fit you can return it and they will make a new one for you.
Maybe i shouldn´t answear all questions in this thread but since i´m online... The welt stitching is called norwegian or norvegese in italy.http://www.theshoesnobblog.com/2011/07/shoes-part-1-construction.html
http://www.skoaktiebolaget.se/storeSHIPPINGWe ship globally with flat rates depending on where you live:Sweden, Denmark, Finland - free shipping & handlingEuropean Union - 200 SEKWorld Wide - 300 SEK
Holy smoke, those chukka boots
I use Cognac for my chestnut shoes.
Don´t know the best shopping street but there is a Carmina store in Barcelona Quite a small store and not as good selection as in the Palma store, not when i was there anyway.Carmina has the info you need to find it at their website.
Thanks! First time i wore them today since the swedish spring was so late this year. Really comfy right away Don´t know about great minds but we´re on the same page on this one
G&G Bresciani Rose&Born
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