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Yes, they're both on 337.
What page these post is located depends on your settings, how many posts per page you want to see. I have 100 post / page i think so i donĀ“t have to change page all the time, for me this thread is 181 pages long.
They are great. Wanted to buy them but I need size UK7...wish I liked the navy as much
Very nice!I got mine (on TG73) a week ago but I had to send them back due to bad finish. Never thought that would happen with a pair of G&G. Now I'm waiting to hear what EoM has to say.
I don't own any GG06 but have tried the last and I wear a 0.5 size smaller than 70 and 73. My 70 is tighter than my 73:s.
I wouldn't even waste closet space However glad that there is a wide range of models to choose from even if it's not for me.
This must be true because only a Nigerian prince would have enough money and bad taste to buy 1000 pairs of a ugly shoe
Impossible, because there is no reason.
A bunch was 70% off in december, i got a pair of Gables.
70% off on those suede Arrans would be sweeeet
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