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It's the suede boot that is a year old. The jumper boot was delivered in March so I wore them maybe five times before I put them away for spring and summer.I'm happy with how they look after those wears, looks new
I have two boots in these lasts. Wear UK7.5 in both but Rain fit a bit looser. It's hard to say exactly what the difference is because the Rain boot is in suede and the other one is the jumper boot in cordovan. Suede stretches more and that boot is one year older, it could be part of the difference.
Nice! What last?
Yes, they're both on 337.
What page these post is located depends on your settings, how many posts per page you want to see. I have 100 post / page i think so i donĀ“t have to change page all the time, for me this thread is 181 pages long.
They are great. Wanted to buy them but I need size UK7...wish I liked the navy as much
Very nice!I got mine (on TG73) a week ago but I had to send them back due to bad finish. Never thought that would happen with a pair of G&G. Now I'm waiting to hear what EoM has to say.
I don't own any GG06 but have tried the last and I wear a 0.5 size smaller than 70 and 73. My 70 is tighter than my 73:s.
I wouldn't even waste closet space However glad that there is a wide range of models to choose from even if it's not for me.
This must be true because only a Nigerian prince would have enough money and bad taste to buy 1000 pairs of a ugly shoe
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