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Yes "we" did. If the website / box says UK10 the shoes will be UK9.5.
That would be a nice addition since they only have one derby boot right now.
That's weird. Did you get a invoice with the shoes or did you take them as a gift?
It's going to be hard but if i learned one thing from elite sports it's determination And since i bought 2 G&G and 1 EG MTO and haven't got any of them it's not going to feel like I don't buy more shoes this year.
Next year. I've already bought enough shoes this year
BAAM! Every time you post a photo of your Vass i get one step closer to order a pair myself
It says "Brummel 120th anniversary" on the sticker in the first pic.Nice shoe anyway
Loden green cordovan LW?
Thanks for the info. If they do get a GO from EG, please let us know.
Can you elaborate. Don't quite understand and the visit to the website didn't give much since i don't speak a word Dutch
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