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Thanks everyone!
Don´t do it. Cheap shoes that don´t fit is very expensive
Got my first pair of EG from MoL this week, a pair of Galway on last 82 in Edwardian antique. It was quite funny that this was one of the shoes that he sold since i have a Galway MTO on the way from Edwards of Manchester january sale. In january i i wasn´t sure what make up to take and it was between Edwardian and Dark oak. I went for the Dark Oak and then this turns up...must have been faith The dark oak is with double dainite for the colder part of the year and this one...
From the website, 2720 SEK ex VAT. Shipping is 300 SEK.
Me too. I wear UK7.5E in 348 and UK8E in GG DG70 and TG73.
I think your shoes is up on Nicks blog. St James II in polo suede with green lining and a medallion.I hope my shoes are done soon :-)
I'm on my tablet and have the pics on the PC. Will post tomorrow.
So did I until I got my pair.The shoes were out of stock so they ordered them after the sales period ended. My shoes came directly from GG via the store and the QC guy must have been drunk to send those out. Even Meermin would get bashed if they sent out shoes like that.
I ordered a pair of GG and a pair of EG. I got my GG but had to send them back due to crappy finish...I'm still waiting for the EG.
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