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No problem, just start your own thread and bring Tifosi with you. It will be the thread with most posts / day even if no one else is joining
My Galway in Edwardian.
It's dark brown pin grain.
Holy f**k those are sweet! Agree that this is one of the best Galway make ups ever. I have a pair in edwardian antique but the grain uppers on these make them even better
I have those Arrans but on MH71 (the ones in the pic are TG73) and they are amazing!
CJ MTO is very expensive compare to other brands so i´m not surprised that they gave you that price.
That´s some really good stuff!
Blue chukka?
@Shouldaville - Very nice chukkas! P2 is growing on me since I tried the last during the trunk show in sweden. What is that welt called?
Great shoes, socks and pants
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