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Holy f**k those are sweet! Agree that this is one of the best Galway make ups ever. I have a pair in edwardian antique but the grain uppers on these make them even better
I have those Arrans but on MH71 (the ones in the pic are TG73) and they are amazing!
CJ MTO is very expensive compare to other brands so i´m not surprised that they gave you that price.
That´s some really good stuff!
Blue chukka?
@Shouldaville - Very nice chukkas! P2 is growing on me since I tried the last during the trunk show in sweden. What is that welt called?
Great shoes, socks and pants
Don't have the Shanklin but a unlined chukka from CJ called Hartland. It feels very different one the foot, almost as you don't wear shoes, but they are really comfortable.I think it will be a great shoe to wear casual when it's a bit warmer and I don't think you will be dissatisfied
Great boots and photo Shouldaville!
You misspelled it. Take away "or" and insert "and" Jokes aside...i think both are great but would have gone for Nevis in CC.
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