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Very nice! A big improvement from the old one
Haha. This is so true. Even Wallenbergarna are communists by US standards
I was the one trying to get it going but didnĀ“t get 3 people for a GMTO. When it was clear it was januari and I decided to wait with my order until later this year so I get the boot this fall. Will try to get a GMTO going, otherwise I will just order it alone.
Gave my cordovan jumpers some TLC yesterday, well needed
That's a really good offer
Anyone want in on a Carmina string loafer in loden green suede GMTO? http://www.skoaktiebolaget.se/collections/carmina/products/carmina-string-loafer-in-loden-suede
Wider than 82 and about the same as 202. I'm the same size in all three lasts.
E is always the standard width in all EG lasts. F is always wide.
Agree with RogerP. To my knowledge the Skoaktiebolaget zug MTO is the only one. Didn't Leaves post in the EG thread that he got hold of leather for 15 pairs of zug Galway and the EG thread exploded?
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