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Don't know and don't care since it's not the wait for the shoes that annoys me. What annoys me is that they don't refund the money for the pair of G&G i returned and that they don't reply on my emails were I'm asking about the refund and some info on the MTO that is three months late. They accepted the return and offerd me to add my cost of return shipping on the refund but so far no money...
Haha, great post. Boots love some beating, please post some pics of how they look after you cleaned them.
I'm still waiting for my Galways I ordered in January, was told five months and haven't heard anything after I paid.I'm getting annoyed of EoM since they don't reply to my emails about the MTO and haven't given the money back for the pair of GG i got but had to return because of crappy finish. That was over two months ago. Sending one last mail and then i going to contact PayPal to get my money back.
I think they request six pairs to avoid MTO fee. If they charged a MTO fee regardless of how many shoes that are ordered i don't think it would be so common with stores selling their own make ups.
Two of the same model is enough. There are so many other makers with nice models. I'm eyeing a StC chukka
As I wrote, I ordered a Galway MTO in January which I haven't got yet. If I go for a third pair that would be with country calf / suede with shearling lining on last 64 and ridgeway soles.
Thanks everyone!
Don´t do it. Cheap shoes that don´t fit is very expensive
Got my first pair of EG from MoL this week, a pair of Galway on last 82 in Edwardian antique. It was quite funny that this was one of the shoes that he sold since i have a Galway MTO on the way from Edwards of Manchester january sale. In january i i wasn´t sure what make up to take and it was between Edwardian and Dark oak. I went for the Dark Oak and then this turns up...must have been faith The dark oak is with double dainite for the colder part of the year and this one...
New Posts  All Forums: