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I stopped by SkoAB today and talked to Gabriel about this...and much more He said that Bonafe compensate for the shearling lining and you should stick to your size.It has to be suede and rubber soles. We need to be three to avoid the MTO fee.
Hi. Just want to check the interest of a Bonafe chukka in moka suede with shearling lining and rubber soles. Last 363, classic round. This will be awesome winter boot! The shearling will be in the whole shoe. Type of welt and rubber sole is not set as SkoAB will have to check the options with Bonafe. Price will be (or close to) 6300 SEK including VAT but excluding shipping. PM if interested.
Those are great! How does this chukka fit compare to the one from Carmina (on Simpson?) you sold earlier this year?
How does the 606 fit compare to 82 and 202? How much wider is F compare to E? Thanks.
Funny to read that "people don't buy the story" and "trying to get confirmation". As i wrote before, i spoke with Hilary Freeman in person and asked her about EoM and she said without hesitation: - We don't supply EoM any longer. I don't think she was lying or trying to start a rumour and i personally don't need more confirmation than that. I still expect to get my shoes since i ordered them in January and EoM reached their quota for the year in March/April according...
Indeed."If two men says they're Jesus, one of them must be wrong".
Yes, Hilary said March/ early April.Edit: she told me as i wrote in the first reply that "We don't supply EoM longer". Didn't ask if she meant forever or until 2014.
I spoke to Hilary Freeman during the Trunk show at Skoaktiebolaget this friday and told her I've ordered a Galway from EoM in January and that i haven't got them. She told me that they didn't supply EoM longer and that they sent all orders that should be sent. She said that they ordered so many shoes that they got a limit for 2013 and reached that limit in early spring.I'm sending Mark an email to ask what's going on. My patience is running out since i just got they refund...
I tried a Galway on last 64 at the flagship store in London and I'm the same size as in my pair on last 82...UK8E.
Haha, word Great line up and a great photo.
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