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They do accept CC, I payed with that in early december.
Great! 20 min shining / boot = 60-90 pairs. This is going to be epic
Thanks. Maybe I should say that I like my pair. Think edwardian has a bigger span of colors than dark oak do and some I don´t like at all.
I didn´t used to like edwardian. Then i bought a pair of Galways in that color and now i think it´s so great!
Post edited with details.
Great thread! Here is my small collection of boots. Edit: Back row: CJ Northcote Carmina coqnac cordovan jumper EG Galway, all DOAK Front row: EG Galway, all edwardian Carmina GG Canterbury, vintage rioja
It will be a great thread. Right now i´m stuck in the EG and SkoAB threads. I read one thread then go back to subscriptions to read the other, when i´m done i go back to subscriptions again just to find out the first thread has 20 new posts. Those two threads are like a big f***ing black hole that just suck you in with an infinite amount of posts and you almost forgets that there´s more on SF.... gotta love it With one thread i don´t have to go back to subscriptions all...
No problem, just start your own thread and bring Tifosi with you. It will be the thread with most posts / day even if no one else is joining
My Galway in Edwardian.
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