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They don´t. They have burgundy and oxblood. Don´t know what happens if you put blue wax on a burgundy shoe....
Did just pay for two pairs, one in dark brown suede and one in grey museum calf. T - 5 weeks and counting
Took a pic of my boots yesterday when we had some sun...not that common in November. From top left: G&G Glencoe, tan hatch grain, double dainite with stormwelt. Carmina cordovan jumper boot, double dainite EG Galway, DOAK, double dainite EG Galway, edwardian antique,single leather sole G&G Canterbury, vintage rioja, single leather sole G&G Arran, dark brown english grain, double dainite
Soo effective...that´s why you´re on this thread on a public holiday I´d just finish some work emails...soo effective
Don´t have so much detail on the last. One of the four (for shoes) RTW lasts GG had since the start and I think they call it "classic round". I think it´s quite similar to EG 82.Here is the shoe on GGs website: lasts:
Hi. Have a pair of brand new black Gaziano & Girling oxford but since I never wear black shoes I think it´s better if someone who does own them - Model: Oxford - Last: GG06 - Size: UK 8E - Single leather sole - GG06 lasted shoe trees. G&G stopped producing last specific trees so you can´t buy these anymore. - Comes with box and shoe bags. Price include shipping worldwide.
Love that boot. Have it in Snuff suede on Rain last
Are you sure Carmina will make that model on Rain? I didn´t think Carmina did split toes on Rain.My understandning is that this GMTO is for this model but in Polo suede.I´ll prefer Dainite 500 or single if more people is up for that. I don´t want Tomir or leather sole.
I might be in. What last and what color of the sole?
Did GG ever offer boot trees? I have two pairs and they are both Bespoke England branded, never seen any GG branded.The reason they don't exist for RTW is because GG told Nick at BE to stop selling them. GG wanted it to be a bespoke only option. I guess unless GG says it's ok to start selling them again we won't see them on the market.
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