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Well, apparently somebody didn't like their RRL wardrobe....
Just noticed this, but apparently Orlebar Brown uses Lampo zippers on a cotton hoodie?!
POP! Brioni Summer Paul Oxfords
What a great way to start the day... All true thrift prices. Raw and unworn 3-sixteen.... Too hot for sweatshirts right now, but can't turn down TB...
Late night thrift sesh.... Pop! Orlebar Brown Nelson Hoodie.
Oh hai.... Still going!
Big shout out to @snackbandit for the RRL Gambler jacket! Fits like a charm! Fit pics to come soon!
One stop today: that's 9 GV in 2 weeks! True thrift prices to boot too! The Japanese denim ocbd is NWT... N/A
Amazing finds on those LP's! However, hate to break it to you.... but I want to say those are fake.
POP x 5 !!!!! When it rains GV.... It pours GV! All my size... N/A
New Posts  All Forums: