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Hey Guys... need some knowledge dropped on me regarding this Filson coat... has a badass detachable liner. Anybody know what model? Also, got some finds to post from the last recent months... a few RRL pieces, Rogue Territory, Alden, and a bunch SW&D pieces.
Reference Tag is fake and neon green hologram is way off center and the 23 hologram is wrinkled.Legit reference tag:
100% Pam Anderson.
Brand new. Never worn. Honestly, don't know how these are at a $400 retail value.
Meh... Not bad. First Cucinelli in a while.
LOL.... chill. I never said they don't flip well on that other site... Sold a pair of uniformes shoes a while back for well north over $100.
Those LV "uniformes" are used by associates whom work for LV and not the mainline quality you'd expect. Quality is definitely not there.
Quick stop. Red Wing Iron Rangers
For sale are a pair of classic Alden for J. Crew Indy Boots - Style #405 - (Marked Size 10 D / Barrie Last - Fits close to 10.5 US - These shoes run may run slightly larger - please familiarize yourself with Alden's different lasts - PLEASE SEE MEASUREMENTS CAREFULLY as there are no returns!) in a Chromexcel Leather in a brown color. These beautiful boots were made in the United States (leather typically sourced from Horween Leathers in Chicago) and are in GREAT condition...
New Posts  All Forums: