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POP! Finally found a Thom Browne!
Holy crap! 3 RRL jeans today?!?
Pop! One stop... Been looking for one of these for a while... My size too!
Denim-heads... Is this a thing? They're selvedge... And unworn.
One stop:
100% real. The previous physician even left his prescription pad in the bag...
Please tell me this was a good pick up..... Dunhill Leather Messenger/Briefcase Bag. True thrift pricing.
Been a while since I've been out in the field... Glad I did... Pop! Alden PTB... The all elusive Shell.... N/A
+1000000. Instead of only reading the last 250+ pages, go and read the 8,000+ pages as it's invaluable.
Congrats, you thrifted Banana Republic.
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