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That Thom Browne looks a little funny.... I want to go out on the limb and say it might be fake.
@impuntra ... Here ya go... Knoll Pollock Executive Chair in a Brown Coffee Bean Leather color. Grail achieved. True thrift for less than 10 bucks! Definitely needs some TLC as production date was from 1983... Thinking of a restoration. Worth it to restore Frenchy? I believe Spoo also found a pair recently too?
Well.... Definitely a great way to start off the year.... Just packed it into the car... Photos soon!!!
Oh hai.... Some SW&D fodder Forgot about these bad boys from a while back... Alden for BB Shell Oxfords - both were only worn less than 2-3 times. Size 12D. True thrift too!
Fake. ID tag off. Jumpman logo is off. Carbon fiber plate is wrong color check.
A few finds this morning and some from a few days ago.... Schott 740N Peacoat Don't mind if I do... Pop!!!!! Achilles Low. Found a cruzer a while back... But a naval peacoat will do... Lastly... Grail achieved... Pretty sure NWOT Belstaff Wilson Quilted Jacket Edit: Oh yea.... Forgot this Canada Goose too...
Pop! Iron Heart IH-666S Selvedge. Grail achieved and they fit! By God, these are heavy as fuck.
Amazing find! Been looking for one of those for a while now!
That has to the one of the most epic finds of Part II of this thread (sorry thriftenings)..... I've always wanted a JLC time piece... this is insane.
Some Label Porn Fodder... Thom Browne, RRL, BoO, Harris Boots
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