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Let's just say it was just below the 4% rule.
And to think... I wasn't even going to go out today.... Major POP alert!!! This was minty as fuck too...
Beautiful Ghost chair Nat!
100% Fake. First giveaway is the tag on tongue. I dread flipping nikes, but if you caught the right pair... big time score. But keep in mind - expect low ball offers and a ton of non-paying bidders. Keep in mind the folks that are into these shoes are young teens and barely any income - hence the headache of non-payers. Definitely different than CM customers with a largely disposable income.
100% fuggazi. Tag is way too vibrant. Patch logo looks off. Check the certilogo serial if it's pre-2013. Post 2013 should have hologram. Also the jacket should have Lampo zippers across the whole jacket. Stitching should be on point as well. Too many fakes out there.
Well shit... Major POP! Been looking for one of these for years!!! Schott Perfecto Moto Leather jacket
Frigid temps around here... but glad I went out! These will keep me warm... 🔥🔥🔥
Some SW&D heat.... Pop on the EG. Unworn 3sixteen jeans. Can't find the model, however seems like it was from their original releases they put out years back. Lastly, thank goodness for having a Mildblend store here and the donor of the Rogue territory and Momotaro denim. Coolest detail is the Shell Cordovan "Mildblend x Momotaro" patch.
Trust me - I had to quadruple check to make sure they weren't fake. I definitely made quite a nice profit on those on that other site...
Speaking of the the Adidas King Push EQT's... I found these a while back at true thrift prices. This was the first collaboration with adidas and Pusha. First color way was the coke white in 2014 and black in 2015. The details were crazy on these - everything from the cracked coke white leather to the fish scales and pyrex pot measuring soles. I figured that nobody cared much for Adidas and Pusha T collaborations since this is a classic menswear forum.... but guess the...
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