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I hate sifting through Levi's.... Oh helllllo selvedge LVC...
Denim-heads: selvedge Rogue Territory jeans worth a pick up?
I did see the black ones... However... She wouldn't budge on the blacks for some reason. These oxfords definitely filled a hole in my shoe collection, although I wished I paid less... I'm still a happy camper.
Here were my finds from yesterday... Alden for Brooks Brothers Shell LHS loafers... With the stamp of Horween Approval! A little bit of Thom Browne didn't hurt nobody.... APC X Kanye - Selvedge RAW Pop! Berluti Single Monkstrap Pop!!!! Vass Oxfords. These beauties were definitely NOT at thrift price.... however, I had to haggle quite a bit, but def. were too beautiful to leave behind.
Too late to post pics.... But had a fucking amazing day... Just a preview...
From this weekend... Very rarely pick up Jordan's, but when I do....
Still jelly!!!
Hey cap, I respect the hustle... I really do. But it's just personal preference of what I want to see on this thread. No hard feelings, no malice and definitely nothing personal. You've been a great resource in all areas. Just had to vent.
Truth. I completely understand brags on awesomeness, but when you're posting a wall full of photos of every brooks brothers tie and XMI tie known to man in order to peddle it, you immediately end up on my block list (ie: capnwes). Rant over: carry on.
Trust me, I was stumped as well! And for those that are wondering... TRUE THRIFT PRICES!
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