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+1000000. Instead of only reading the last 250+ pages, go and read the 8,000+ pages as it's invaluable.
Congrats, you thrifted Banana Republic.
LV is fake.
Been a bit dry here in Chicago for me... Stopped by on a whim this morning. POP! 100% Cashmere... Anybody know the model of this LP coat? Original retail?
One of my most favorite finds all year! Fits perfectly..... N/A
Are you referring to that hispanic looking woman in her late 20's-30's? If so, she's nuts. Doesn't matter what time you hit, she's roaming around and sitting near the furniture area and flips thru damn near everything.
Yep, found a few of his items at the Grand Salvation Army location a few weeks back. The god most ugly suits i've seen in my life.
Stopped by on a whim right after work tonight.....
Cold day here. Managed to find only one thing today. Someone once said, "Never Leave Willis & Geiger Behind".....
New Posts  All Forums: