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Pm sent on purple Kiton.
Quote: Originally Posted by Jl24 I've been reading the LSO blog for some time now. I might just buy this book. Yes, the LSO blog is excellent. But I think I'd buy the book soley based the ridiculous cover. Too funny...
Quote: Originally Posted by commie Well i guess i should've kept the story to myself then... +1000
Way to derail the thread. Guy comes on here enthusiastic about what looks to be a pretty impressive attempt at a shirt, and you turn it into an opportunity to complain about jantzen.
Wait! Don't throw it away. You misunderstood....the fabric is sewn on the inside of the pants. They're used regardless of whether the bottom is cuffed or not, but especially important if they're not.
Benjamin, Do a search for Hong Kong fabrics. There was a post a while back (not sure how long) about a wholesale fabric shop in TST on Cameron Rd that was fairly priced and had a decent selection. I visited once and I remembered their selection was ok.
If you're going with HK tailor, it may be best to do a trial-run with in-house fabric before bringing your own fabric. Even things that you thought you had specified multiple times, they may get wrong. Fishball, that's a pretty good way to go. But CMT trousers I've found are priced closer to $600-$800 for "normal" tailors. Still, I may try your suggestion for the next suit. Thks.
Maybe a little off topic, but Fishball, I recall you posting recently that you were trying a new tailor. Curious how the results turned out...
Quote: Originally Posted by Toiletduck In terms of handiwork, they are both pretty inconsistent, but give a good product for the money. Boy, if that doesn't perfectly sum up hk tailoring, don't know what does.
I've been on several of these so-called "crash diets" (oooo, scary) and have never experienced any fatigue, even while maintaining heavy lifting workouts at least 3x a week. To reiterate what others have said, read Lyle McDonald's stuff - he knows his stuff. The PSMF book gives you all the guidelines you need to know, and he's very accessible on his forums.
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