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Quote: Originally Posted by FidelCashflow What's the advantage of TM goldline over silverline for something like a plain blue shirt? Is there something objectively better about goldline fabrics? Higher thread count. Very nice against the skin.
CC, Thank you so much for your help. It's very greatly appreciated!
CC, I've got 3 questions, if you would be so generous as to oblige me: (1) If you're trying to maximize eye protection, would you opt for full frame sunglasses over rimless? I would assume that rimless glasses would allow in much more light through the sides than a full frame would. (2) Are there any outdoor situations where you would choose non-polarized glasses over polarized? (3) If you're going to be spending lots of time on the water, you would choose...
Beautiful shirt. Love the buttonholes. The first time I saw a reinforced placket was on my shirt from Freddy V. in Los Angeles. I asked him about it, but forgot his answer. My guess is that maybe it prevents the bottom of the placket from getting ripped open, which, although I've never had happen to any of my non-reinforced plackets, I could imagine happening since that area sees a lot of motion. Still, even without it, I think the buttonholes could help with that function.
Quote: Originally Posted by dopey This kind of stuff never happens on Ask Andy. They're missing out.
Quote: Originally Posted by instep The poor bugger was probably overawed by the Phatness of the Guido. Absolutely starstruck. I was at a loss for words. See a similar reaction: Quote: Originally Posted by Phat Guido Quote: Originally Posted by sweep So all the HK veterans share the same tailor? I've actually PM'ed a couple of 'em in the past month to...
I think it's perfectly reasonable to ask them to leave off or hide the labels inside the pocket. J - nice close-ups. Any chance of a fit pic?
So all the HK veterans share the same tailor? I've actually PM'ed a couple of 'em in the past month to ask for tailor recs and haven't received any responses, which as disappointing as it is, is understandable given all the trial and error they must have gone through before finding this guy. Still, would be nice to know. How 'bout another hint......TST or Island side?
Very interesting report. Look forward to your thoughts on the final product and the pics.
Kinko's - there's one on Bristol (?) a few blocks east of South Coast.
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