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I think his name is "Micky" Doyle
It's supposed to feel lighter around your neck. But unlined ties are a pain in the ass to tie because they have no supporting structure inside.
Those are beautiful!
I usually wear 11. Like I said, these are just a tad too long. Also, I have wide feet and these are a bit too snug on the width for me.
Brand new Zegna chukka boots. UK 10EE / US 11EE. A tad too large for me unfortunately. Only worn/tried on inside. Made in Italy. Don't know if Zegna makes their own shoes or outsources to another manufacturer. Approximate measurements: Length 12 3/4" Width 4.5" The inside tongue on each has a "x" marked in silver marker. SOLD shipped worldwide.
SOLD 3 3/8" wide. Lined but untipped. Hand-stitched and edges are hand-rolled. Wool. I've worn this exactly twice and has been sitting ever since. Asking SOLD shipped to the lower 48. Pls PM me for international shipping.
Quote: Originally Posted by jamesbond Any Idea when the next Rake issue is coming out? Tha last one I received was the Camps de Luca issue. They briefly had the new issue covers out on the website about a month ago, one was with Ralph Lauren not sure who the other was. Maybe my script just ran out? There was the Ralph Lauren one, then the one with the Kiton guy came out in early Dec. I think.
If you can't get it in times square, walk two mins to sogo dept store and go to the bookstore on the 11th floor. They should have this month's issue by now. It'll run you about HK$100
The mistake was theirs. Lining isn't so expensive that re-doing it will alter their profit on the suit that much. If they refuse and it really bothers you that much, take it to another tailor and pay him to change the lining. It shouldn't cost too much.
I don't know - you might be best off sticking with WW Wang Everyone here seems to worship the Wang.
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