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interesting... i will be taking a walk around the city tonight and have a look if they have others to try on. what size was yours?
What size is it and how much would you sell it for
i have actually never seen a khaki suit at the RL stores in Sydney. I wonder where they stock it...
if its bothering you so much i would gladly take it off your hands as long as it fits me
I am considering this jacket from MJBale, since they are out of the Westferry in size 36. Anyone had seen this one in person? Wood Dobby Navy Jacket
raining all day again in sydney
sacrifices have to be made to build a wardrobe from scratch. i dont think i will need to buy anymore clothing or accessories for a while after this year though
i m a pleb too. i afford nice clothing by only using E10 and having instant noodles for lunch
I know eh. Getting the right size codpiece has always been a struggle.
^ maybe some pimping too?
New Posts  All Forums: