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why is there never a 36R?
G-banger, doese the suit have strong padded shoulders? Would you think the fabric is suitable to wear the jacket by itself as a sportscoat?
I believe the shoes are communicating with you. They are saying: "Don't you dare touch us with your plebian cotton / polyester socks. It's wool or cashmere for us!"
what is the actual chest measurement for the jacket?
I missed it
fingers crossed for that flannel suit!
I love my green knit tie!
Dropped by MJ Bale to check out the Wood Dobby jacket. Which was totally different from the photos online. Apparently they all have flap pockets rather than the patch pockets shown in their online store. Didn't get anything in the end. My search for the perfect blue blazer continues.
Damn, no 36R as usual I think I will drop by MJ Bale instead. I got offered a discount on any full price item due to some online ordering issues. Might use it to grab that Wood Dobby jacket to finally fulfill my staple navy jacket requirement
New Posts  All Forums: