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These ones?
I don't think it's the same boot...
I suggest chucking them in the dishwasher if you can remove them from the shoe. Seriously. Could work.
Also saw a fully dressed up older asian dude on cockatoo island on saturday. Probably the best dressed guy on the island. Wonder if it's SF alumni?brass button navy blazer, blue shirt, pocket square, white pants with faint gray stripes, and some burgundy loafers. He even had a bloody Panama hat!
^ If your mass groupbuy gets more takers, let me know. I have never tried Saphir before but would like to have a go
Saw a Louis Vuitton shopping bag filled with a load of household rubbish on Dixon St over the weekend. Typical LOL
Really? I think there are / were quite a few big shots on this thread. Like Romp, or PhatGuido etc....
So I have got people bitching on Facebook that their coffee went up by 10% today? Can't be more than 50 cents can it? Any other news of the carbon tax apocalypse?
blahman should run japan shopping tours on the side
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