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how about http://www.brooksbrothers.com/fold-a...cketsquare.tem
Excuse me for my shitty iphone camera and my noob folding skillz...
i ve got the white linen ps and it looks fine in a straight fold. can post a pic later...
bought a jacket from Viral and all went smoothly! great seller!
Just received my first kent wang shirt today, it fitted perfectly Worryingly though, I ordered two pocket squares on April 14, several days before I ordered the shirt, but they still havent arrived
Quote: Originally Posted by Prince of Paisley Braved the crowds and checked out Zara yesterday (thanks to my partner....) Anyway, was pleasantly surprised once I finally got into the Zara nightclub. The product was on par with the global Zaras I've visited, and the prices will definitely scare a few local competitors. Ok, we know their men's stuff isn't top quality by international standards, but it more than holds it's own against Country Road and...
nice selection...
Quote: Originally Posted by apropos woah sorry for asking your highness
i got my pair of brown captoes yesterday. they seem to have already been creased just behind the cap. is this normal or was i given a display pair?
Hi guys, good to see a massive thread for Aussies I am in Sydney and I need to have my blazer sleeves shortened. It's got non-working buttons so I assume it would be easier. Any good value tailor recommendations?
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