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^^^ I was hoping someone would have one of their blue osaka jackets in size 36...
I m selling a pair of Alfred Sargent Childreys in size UK9.5. More suitable for Australian forum members due to expensive shipping in this country But I am willing to discuss options with anyone who's interested http://cgi.ebay.com.au/ws/eBayISAPI....m=300569300307
proxies proxies blahman? Quote: Originally Posted by blahman ^^ I might be heading back there to have a look at the sports jacket rack and accessories. Unfortunately I'm a bit short on cash. Man, laychyzee, I wish those Pasinis were available in my small size as soft shoulders and unlined was exactly what I was looking for going there. Pee-Gee, Alessandro quoted $800 for the Canali suit I tried on actually. I probably could have talked it down...
^^ Are any of this stuff still available? Any more details?
Quote: Originally Posted by The Ernesto ehaberdasher has some nice outwear. Just a word of warning, eHarberdasher is a great place to shop. But USPS sucks big time. My sportscoat was delivered to Newington Ontario Canada rather than Newington NSW, and sat in Canadian customs for a week before being redirected correctly.
Quote: Originally Posted by jaypee Not much point have 11 suits when I work in advertising and my uniform is jeans and a tee Wow advertising! Are you involved with award school this year?
Quote: Originally Posted by Kent Wang I'm currently working on significantly expanding the number of styles, but it might be two or three months. Cool! Looking forward to it A quick question, for the cotton/linen blend shirts, do i have to wash them any differently?
I have got three dress shirts from Kent now and they are all very good. Would there be more styles in the future?
Whats annoying is that all those markups don't translate to better customer service. I ordered a shirt from Rhodes and Beckett where they say the order would arrive within forty eight hours, but it's been three working days already and it still hasn't shipped. The first time I tried to signup an online account it didn't work. The second time I tried, I was logged in as some random fellow in Melbourne. I could see his name, address and order history. Now every time...
Is it still for sale? PM Sent...
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