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Well I measured my feet in a Brannock device and I got 9.5. I consider a shoe that fits just right to be TTS if it's marked as 9.5UK
Herring Shoes is great! Super fast shipping via UPS as well. Usually gets here within the week. Also you automatically get a tax refund which cancels out the shipping costs The British shoes I had have all fitted true to size, except for Barker which is silightly looser but still no slippages. The Carminas are quite tight in the start but loosens to be very snug. Best fitting for me
thanks for the explanation kent. I was asking because i alway wondered whether printed fabrics are printed on one side only or on both sides. I suppose the fabric itself affects penetration as well...
This may sound like a silly question, but are pocket squares usually two sided? I.e. the design is printed on both sides of the fabric?
when is this sale suppose to happen?
is this the jacket?
Try their Rakuten store? Quote: Originally Posted by blahman Guji having a sale soon. And this Ring Jacket...jacket... looks so delicious: [[SPOILER]] Wonder if they ship international.
Judging by how hard it is to find a size 36R at the sales, maybe the smaller sizes are more common... or maybe they just dont stock as many of the smaller ones??
^^^ I was hoping someone would have one of their blue osaka jackets in size 36...
I m selling a pair of Alfred Sargent Childreys in size UK9.5. More suitable for Australian forum members due to expensive shipping in this country But I am willing to discuss options with anyone who's interested
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