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I was in there and saw the fat dude as well... He was leafing through a rack of suits so I thought he was a customer.Ridiculous prices in there though. $700 for a pair of deliberately flattened, ugly casual shoes? No thanks.
Quote: Originally Posted by blahman Sexy! Edit: just in preparation for the herringbone sale, how slim are the herringbone trousers? Sau compared to Rhodes and Beckett, or if PeeGee or anyone else knows cpmpared to the Sarti DItalia pants. Trying to work out whether to snatch up size 30 or 32 cotton trousers/ chinos as I can be a little in between sizes. I have a pair of khakis in 32 and a pair of reds in 30... they both fit pretty...
what about a shoe shine place in Sydney? The one in the Strand is not open weekends
RLPL glenplaid is back on the market folks!
Yes, there are plenty of Aussies here!
I have one in 36R grey herringbone. Love it too Heres a fit pic.
mj bale laneway sale this weekend $2 sausage sizzle, all proceeds to Japanese disaster relief. Friday 1st July to Sunday 3rd July Open 10am–5pm Entry: laneway behind M.J. Bale store, 106 Queen Street, Woollahra
Quote: Originally Posted by blahman I actually sort of do this. I set aside a part of my pay for savings, a part for bills, and anything left goes to my monthly entertainment/shopping. The problem is for what ever reason be it fine dining, new tech or additions to my wardrobe, I always go over and have to pull some of my savings back out to my everyday account. This is EXACTLY why my savings balance havent changed in three years
So.... r u selling it for $80 too?
Half a size too big Quote: Originally Posted by labravajazz If anyone's interested I have a great pair of Cheaney wholecuts as new size 10F UK -glad to drop $40 off for Aussie buyer. That makes it $180 posted. Check them out -
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