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Anyone tried these guys?http://www.maxwellscottbags.com/c/Leather-Briefcases.html
What are the exact measurements? Got anything in 36R?
I wish you had some nice 36R blue sportscoats from Riviera.... that's the one thing missing from my wardrobe
Herring Bolzanos?
Where r the photos for the winners? all gone now
Not pictured: the Pajama pants with legs he chopped off himself.
I know the gold standard is hand rolled edges on pocket squares, but I have seen pocket squares with machined hems being sold around the place. Eg. See below. What is the SF community's opinion of this sort of construction? Worth buying?
Sydney R&B Warehouse sale will be onJuly 26~27, 8am ~ 7pm27 Macquarie Place SydneyJust got a postcard today.
softy has great stuff to sell!
That HAS to be a dead butterfly in there...
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