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I have been really curious about the brand Riviera, their website has been stuck on a "Work in Progress" message for over a year now. And it's almost impossible to find much info about the label elsewhere on the internet. Could Ben provide some more info on this brand? It seems it's impossible to buy their goods these days.
I grabbed one for $199 from Surry Hills warehouse a while ago. So far so good, fits me great and very comfortable.They only made shorts in the matching fabric for some reason, I wished that they had matching pants...
A tongue won't be long or hard enough, I'm afraid...
Could you elaborate a bit on the fit critique, for noobs like myself?
Dumbest "rule" Ive heard of
just received my first Benjamin shirts, oh man the shoulders are really narrower than what I have been getting. Thank god it still fits.
thanks for the recommendation. i might check out this grand royal barbers, and splurge if necessary
On haircuts, I look young for my age, and usually go to the Korean places, but always walk out looking like a schoolboy. Any good honest barber recommendation from Sydney folks?
Have been wearing my first grown-up's watch since the new year. Nothing much, but very satisfied with it as a daily timekeeper
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