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A tongue won't be long or hard enough, I'm afraid...
Could you elaborate a bit on the fit critique, for noobs like myself?
Dumbest "rule" Ive heard of
just received my first Benjamin shirts, oh man the shoulders are really narrower than what I have been getting. Thank god it still fits.
thanks for the recommendation. i might check out this grand royal barbers, and splurge if necessary
On haircuts, I look young for my age, and usually go to the Korean places, but always walk out looking like a schoolboy. Any good honest barber recommendation from Sydney folks?
Have been wearing my first grown-up's watch since the new year. Nothing much, but very satisfied with it as a daily timekeeper
i ve been trying to find decent dark indigo jeans at the sales but havent come across any. im in sydney. anyone have any suggestions?
I bought this jacket from Herringbone, which I am pretty happy with for the price. (Cotton, unlined, unstructured) had to size up since it's quite trim.
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