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nice mix of budget and luxury!
Since beginning to take an interest in my wardrobe a year and a half ago, I am still in need of a proper size 36 navy / blue blazer. If you are indeed copying the Riviera style, then I shall wait eagerly for those sportscoats
I ordered MJ Bale's Westferry blue blazer last week, now I get a call telling me they couldn't find it in my size at all. If it was not in stock in 36R, why put label it as 36R in stock on your website? On the bright side, I am no longer broke for the month ... But I still don't have a proper blue jacket
If you wear those shoes, you might slide down shopping centre travelators if you are not careful, and be terribly embarrassed.
I ordered something once from DealExtreme. Never received the goods.
Needed a navy blazer, so couldn't resist. Bought one online...Now I am broke...
My wombat
All the rain has inspired me to buy some beater boots for the rain, and future ski field excursions. Only $45 plus shipping Sebago Franklins from DrJays
A Single Man looks great because it was directed by Tom Ford
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