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^ i am going for the free tie i am wearing all cotton today, and going to a wool event...
thank you to all the meermin guinea pigs in this thread!
All these talk of rebuilding ones wardrobe, and I have ignored the actual wardrobe itself. Time for a trip to IKEA!
time for bed everyone! take it easy its only clothes...
I think anyone who shops for 36 sizes tend to get a bit desperate
i see.... might stick with something a bit more modestly priced
How much was the pants? Are they custom ordered, because I cant find it listed on their site.Reminds me, MJ Bale quoted me $1200 to order one pair of pants to match their odd jacket, which I never ended up receiving...
anyone here had experience with Epaulet's blazers? good or not compared to our local options?
nice mix of budget and luxury!
Since beginning to take an interest in my wardrobe a year and a half ago, I am still in need of a proper size 36 navy / blue blazer. If you are indeed copying the Riviera style, then I shall wait eagerly for those sportscoats
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