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FWIW I saw plenty of blue cotton and various wool suits at herringbone outlet last week. mostly in the size 40s and above. also there was a size 36 made in japan standard grey flannel pants hiding among the weird ones with cargo pockets.
how do u get these vouchers?
^ i am going for the free tie i am wearing all cotton today, and going to a wool event...
thank you to all the meermin guinea pigs in this thread!
All these talk of rebuilding ones wardrobe, and I have ignored the actual wardrobe itself. Time for a trip to IKEA!
time for bed everyone! take it easy its only clothes...
I think anyone who shops for 36 sizes tend to get a bit desperate
i see.... might stick with something a bit more modestly priced
How much was the pants? Are they custom ordered, because I cant find it listed on their site.Reminds me, MJ Bale quoted me $1200 to order one pair of pants to match their odd jacket, which I never ended up receiving...
anyone here had experience with Epaulet's blazers? good or not compared to our local options?
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