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thanks for the tip elisiX!
Hey everyone, is there a SF-approved place to HIRE wedding attire?
I wish I could gain some weight I am a bit stick like
the herring shoes are weybridges on sale. the PRL safari jackets were 70% off at their outlet, which was in my budget. No way i am paying full price for their level of construction ($499).
After a hiatus to recover I am back in the Menswear Shopping game! Carmina PRL Herring Shoes
Since Prince of Paisley is quite active these past few pages, does anyone else see David Hasselhoff in his avatar?
Any new Batman film will have to answer one question... Who will be the new Batman?
WTF? Sounds like he is prepared to do more than just housekeeping.
I am deeply disappointed that Bane did not win in the end.
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