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I have actually tried the jacket on in person a few months ago, and it is a very weird fit. The Waist is tight like wearing a corset. It's just way too slim everywhere, which makes the shoulders look unnaturally wide.
The Rain last is not as tight as the Simpson, since I had to size up half in the Simpson.
Here are a couple of pics of mineHere they are next to a pair of Black Carminas in Rain Last
Apparently Ermenegildo Zegna is opening an outlet at DFO Homebush in Sydney. Anyone heard about this? Wonder what sort of stuff they would sell...
Hi Guys, For the skinny people out there, I want to sell off some shirts. I bought 4 Uniqlo Oxford Button Down Collar shirts recently but they are slightly to small for me. They are sourced from Malaysia, size S (Asian size S would be XS in Europe/US I presume). Comes in White, Blue, Pink and Lavender. All only worn about 2~3 each, and in perfect condition. Will do all 4 together for $50 shipped. PM if interested.
No shipping to Australia?
Kent, May I confirm that your tuxedo shirt fits the same as your standard shirts? Need one for the end of the month :P
Any recommendations for a decent self tied bowtie in Sydney? Need a basic black one for wedding purpose. Might as well buy a good one that can last for a while.
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