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Pretend their products are made in France and pronounce accordingly.
MrDV tapers his pants for a 15" opening and has them hemmed with no break ... that combination does wonders for displaying his vast collection of footwear.
Nice ... looking forward to the application of the Acrylic Finisher.
The leather was defective ... no conditioner would have prevented that tear.I wouldn't blame the Lexol ... the leather was defective, so no conditioner would have prevented that tear.
I purchased a pair of Barrie-lasted boots (JCrew PCT) true to size because of what others have reported. My Barrie-lasted LWBs are sized down by half.While the 8.5D PCTs feel slightly bigger than the 8.5D LWBs, the 8D boot would likely have been a little too snug for my liking.
I must say, it was your pics that prompted me to purchase the boot ... nice to see them continuing to age gracefully.
excellent ... the more filters the better ... their stock of 2nds is huge
I'm 8.5D on the Brannock ... would you have a sizing recommendation?
MrDVs shoe pics are particularly appealing because he does appear to wear bottoms with more narrow openings (and apparently, no break ... but perhaps this is a function of his posture while the pic is taken?).
I would appreciate the ability to view the inventory at the individual outlet stores.For instance, I will be in Boston early in June and would like to see if it would be worth my while to take the rental 120 miles to Freeport.
New Posts  All Forums: