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Jean Shop has the following Chippewa's at 60% off http://www.jean-shop.com/sale/chippawa-6-service-boot-size-10 ... size 9 only http://www.jean-shop.com/sale/chippewa-wedge ... size 10, 12 only http://www.jean-shop.com/sale/jean-shop-chippewa-collaboration-boot ... many sizes!
My #8 LWBs are noticeably much darker than my burgundy Leeds ... the eggplant glazing on the #8 makes a huge difference.
^ Open an account and get 15% off your next order ... for those of us living in Canada, it just means save on the taxes!
I was curious about the material (french terry) and the price was right and so I ordered the chore coat during the F&F sale. I'll have an opinion on it when I visit Boston early next month ... had it delivered to my hotel to avoid additional charges associated with living in Canada. http://www.landsend.com/products/mens-french-terry-chore-coat/id_251163
Heel slip will be an issue if you go down a length and up a width.You'll really just need to become accustomed to the way gunboats look on your feet since it sounds like you've got sizes that are working.
Would you say that the outlet has a good selection of outerwear for someone who normally wears a small?Have you been to their outlet in Milford, NH?I'm travelling to Boston for business and would like to know if I should make some time to take the rental car to one or both of these stores.
I like the pics featuring the new Japan olive chino with shirt tucked in and belted ... it's very easy to imagine the outfit with shirt not tucked in (although a pic of that was also provided).
As above ... it is critical that the guide be printed properly.Secondly, be aware of its limitations ... i.e., the guide is only a starting point because it cannot measure your arch length which is a feature of the Brannock device.If you have relatively long toes, the guide could overestimate the length of the shoe and put the widest part of the shoe towards your toes.If you have relatively short toes, the guide could underestimate the length of the shoe and put the widest...
Pretend their products are made in France and pronounce accordingly.
MrDV tapers his pants for a 15" opening and has them hemmed with no break ... that combination does wonders for displaying his vast collection of footwear.
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