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Unbelievable ... it's as if they were built on different lasts.
Do you have a gapping issue with the right shoe?
Agree with MOK ... you need room to layer (even if you don't plan to).
Those are seconds now. As an aside, I also had to return my first pair of "1st quality Leeds" for a couple of defects (mis-matched heel blocks and heel counters).
ooops ... my bad
^ Interesting observation ... I've seen both models side by side ... never would have imagined that one could cram more into a 256 over a 257. I have the 257 in brown and do appreciate the compartments, however.
Update ... I returned the chore coat ... the nice price does not compensate for the boxy cut.Returning it to the local Sears store was convenient though.
I tried it on yesterday ... great details on the jacket.Too bad the small fits me like an x-small ... so I passed on it.
Gustin will accept your "worn" denim in exchange ... that is very generous of them.
60% off a number of items including leather jackets and belts, denim pants and jackets, Chippewa boots an other footwear http://www.jean-shop.com/sale/
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