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With the JCrew PCT boots, many others (myself included) have gone 1/2 size up from our usual Barrie shoe size.
clubmonaco is offering 40% off on its Rancourt models.
FYI ... code worked on the Canadian site.
Agree ... all that matter is the left and right shoes match
+ 1 .., the final product is impressive
I've got the logo-free black shell exterior (contrast stitch) with cognac dublin interior. If someone is looking to downsize to a front pocket wallet, I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this Mitchell money clip wallet.
whoa ... the shell exterior went from burgundy to black.
Jacket looks great ... but I would be concerned about the leather shrinking as it dries.
very nice ... Townley's remind of the Alt Wein without the bug on the toe caps.
Agree with above ... the overall design of the Strand is more cohesive to me.
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